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  1. Thank you so much for sharing! It was a very emotional performance, especially when it came to the special surprise video by the fans.. I just want to point out that everything was great, but the TTL performance was pure AWESOME! Especially the rap by BoRam in the middle!
  2. Hmm.. I for one am glad to see that most of the mudslinging has died down and that the girls will soon be able to (hopefuly) resume their normal activities. True, the damage has been done, and T-Ara may have forever lost a valuable member of the group, but they will eventually have to move on, and we need to be right alongside them to see them pull through.
  3. "Advantage against Sistar?" Did they have an argument or something? ??
  4. how about, no.... I don't think things will work out well if she's allowed to debut too soon. As far as my very limited understanding of the Korean Music Industry goes, it really takes time to raise an idol.. let alone one who is about to be injected into one of the already established and more popular labels around.
  5. Hm.. she looks really pretty. I hope she has the voice to match all the hype Kidding aside, welcome to T-Ara! I hope you'll get a lot of love from the fandom.
  6. Wow!!!! pre-comeback pictures that show that the girls are working really hard! I can't wait!! LOL at the 8th member being "mysterious". I guess they're really trying to further the hype,eh?
  7. Wow, the news line is really on fire with these additions.. Say what you want about KKS, but I guess he succeeded in his goal in generating interest about T-Ara, no matter how bone-headed his decisions may seem.. :| I guess I'll be looking forward to their comeback with a grain of salt and a pinch of skepticism.. I hope this all works out for the best..
  8. I can't say that I'm surprised. The Hallyu wave is riding pretty high all across Asia, and even all over the world. We're lucky that T-Ara is part of the leading wave.
  9. Thank you for this thread. Ever since I have watched Hello Baby episodes of another idol group, I was curious to see who else went through the Hello Baby experience.
  10. Wow, forgive me if I'm wrong, but she kinda looks like Tiffany during her debut year..
  11. Hmm.. I wonder how things will play out, especially when it comes to team dynamics.. she's a bit too you to simply "hang around" with her obviously older unnies..
  12. Interesting.. I wonder how this will affect them in the long run.. It would be cool if they made a T-Ara movie or TV series featuring ALL the members.. Hmmm..
  13. One of the things that made T-Ara seem unique is the number 7, which seems to have imprinted itself into my subconscious. I "grew" into the general K-pop fandom knowing some of the important prime numbers.. 5 - WG 7 - T-Ara 9 - SNSD (My kpop awareness began only recently, so shoot me ) Mixing things up by making the 7 match up with the original 9 is going to screw things up a bit, especially with the fickle kpop public (especially the loyal fans) who will be saying undeserved words like "copycat" just because of a strange idea by higher level management. IMO T-Ara have already solidified their brand as a team of 7. Why change stuff now? I believe you make an important point here. A veteran team like T-Ara may struggle a bit while the newbies "learn the ropes". It may probably hold them back for a while as they get stuff in order, but never underestimate the girls.
  14. I find it really strange why they would change something that already works so well.. T-Ara is already riding its surge of popularity thanks to Roly Poly (IMO, T-Ara's equivalent of what 'Gee' was for SNSD). Now that they've already established a more solid identity and brand, why shake things up (apparently) just for the sake of doing so? Add the fact that the new additions are pretty young (especially the 3rd year JUNIOR high student). Long-running idol groups like T-Ara should be allowed to grow into more mature concepts without a hitch, because that would be the natural (and logical) progression of things. Instead, they might be forced to 'scale back' a little because the mature themes won't be appropriate for their new "babies".. Not hating. Just my two cents..
  15. Bah! Some people are just too lazy to make their own music, so they take other people's work and pass them off as their own by just adding a few tweaks here and there. Such a shame..
  16. Hmm.. something doesn't seem right about the chart.. Some data omitted, perhaps?
  17. That's great news! T-ARA is really stepping up and taking the game to a whole new level!
  18. Although it would be great to see the members using their different talents on the small and big screen, it's still a far greater thing to see the group working together as one T-ARA!
  19. Sigh.. why do people need to make a big deal out of this?.. The life of an idol is tough enough, and the people who always like to jump the gun and say bad things about whatever and whoever aren't making things any easier for them..
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