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    curiosity reacted to EJungBeauty in [20.04.17] Eunjung discusses ‘Beauty & View’, her friendship with KARA’s Gyuri, her fans and future activities   
    wow, thanks for still updating their news. It's been almost 6-7 years since I left, and glad that my account still works and this website is still up! They look great!
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    curiosity reacted to james_b in [FACEBOOK] MTV the Show Official Facebook update (01/21)   
    They have been really fun couple to watch, Jiyeon and Hyeri I mean, I wish they had continued. Somehow the always lively Hyeri brought also Jiyeons best sides up. All the best to Hyeri.
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    curiosity reacted to red4summer in [IG] Qri Update (01/13)   
    [iG] Qri Update (01/13)

    상큼하게 톡톡톡

    Credit: Qri's Instagram + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
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    curiosity reacted to Ahri1969 in [13.10.22] T-ara "Our families cried when they found out we were contenders for 1st place"   
    “We want to try giving ‘Free Hugs’. It seems like it would be fun.”

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    curiosity reacted to vancew90 in [13.10.15] T-ara,   
    Really happy that T-ara can finally step forward and attend an interview with the Korea media. They have worked hard and silently all this while, behind the shadows of other girl groups and counterparts without backing down. At some points I feel that the controversy helped T-ara see the light in many things in life, KPOP industry and as a celebrity, from the perspective of their fans and an ordinary person. Probably without the controversy, T-ara could have surpassed SNSD, but they would definitely not be as matured as they are now. They would not feel as cohesive as now and take popularity for granted, like many other random idol group out there. I think ultimately is for them to feel like they're one big family and work as one. Naturally then, #1 will come without them begging for it, and the exhilaration, euphoria and ecstacy would be relived, like the BPBP days.
    T-ara 짱, 화이팅!
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    curiosity reacted to kkyc222 in [13.10.15] T-ara,   
    T-ara, “That incident changed the childish us.” A Tearful First Interview. When friends or lovers get into an argument, how should you resolve it? T-ara is standing before the public with this thought in mind. When people are angry because of our actions, and when an apology cannot resolve their anger, what should we do? T-ara has chosen to silently work hard and to wait until that anger melts. Although it is common for artists to become emotional and cry during interviews, T-ara’s tears fell carefully even when they were falling naturally. T-ara, who can’t even escape vicious criticism when they prepare snacks for their fans, ended up saying tearfully, “We will work hard.” After that “incident”, this is their first interview with the media. The questions and answers that required tissue everywhere until the end are now revealed without any changes. Q: A comeback in a long time, how do you feel? Hyomin: It’s been a year since a comeback as the 6 of us. We disappointed some people before, but that won’t happen this time, we will work hard. We made our comeback nervously. Soyeon: More so than rankings, we are thankful that there are people who are waiting for our music. Q: It seems like you had a lot of worries. Hyomin: To be honest, we’ve never had a “blank period.” We were always running everywhere with no rest. Although it wasn't intentional this time, we had a blank period and during this time, we really lost a lot of confidence and had a lot of thoughts. We had a lot of worries too. Eunjung: Everyone’s attitude towards us are better than we thought it would be, we are very thankful. Just like when we first debut, our thoughts are just that we must do well. To be honest, whether people would like our music, we had a lot of worries like this. Also, many singers are making their comeback in this period, and would they like our colour? We also had a lot of worries like this. Q: A lot of other groups are making their comebacks as well. Soyeon: The timing for releasing an album is very important, no? We thought we picked an appropriate time. It seems like this was a time appropriate for all other singers too, so we all made our comeback around the same time (laughs). We are thankful just to be discussed along with these other artists. We are really happy just to be mentioned along with SHINEE and IU etc. When we see news of that, we think “Wah, there’s actually us.” Q: Now that you’ve made your comeback, do you feel more relaxed? Eunjung: People’s hearts are always like that, we should be able to feel more relaxed now, but we still worry a lot about how we can maintain this. Should we keep doing the same thing next week? Should we change our dance? What about our clothes? Etc. Hyomin: Because there are new comebacks every week, we are very nervous. Recently, there have been so many comebacks that rookies are hardly able to participate in music broadcasts. So we understand how valuable it is to be able to perform on music programmes. Eunjung: In the past we would think that this was a given, but now we know how to be thankful. In the past, even if our managers don’t mention it, we would clear out Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays for our schedules, because we have to perform on music shows. We used to think that way, but now we would ask our managers, “Do we have any schedules?” Q: T-ara’s schedules were very full in the past. Soyeon: We had at least 5 schedules in one day, we were very busy. We thought that they were only schedules and didn’t think much about it. We only had thoughts about wanting to look nice etc. But after experiencing this blank period, we understood that those are not just merely schedules, but is something [precious] that finds its way to us. Now, we think that every single schedule is a precious thing to us. Hyomin: Although it is better to not have experienced bad things, during that time, we only looked at the things in front of us and kept running forward following our CEO’s instructions. But now we look around us and behind us. It is something that can’t be expressed with words, but there are things we have gained. The time we spend with our fans and the way we treat our fans also changed a lot. Q: Your first performance was at the Gyeongju Dream Concert. Eunjung: It rained that day. Singing while it was raining, it felt very extraordinary and profound. Soyeon: We felt different compared to the comebacks we had before. In the past, we would know that there were a lot of people waiting for us and we had confidence. But this comeback wasn’t like that. We didn’t have confidence, and the cheers and applause for us are also different from before, but we can only work hard. So we are even more thankful for the people who have given us applause all along. Q: Experiencing something bad together, it seems like the friendship and love between members have changed as well. Soyeon: The atmosphere between us is like family. To be honest, there were times when we were so busy that we couldn’t take care of each other but were just there together. But this time, we had a lot of time to talk and reminisce with each other. And since we carry the same scars, the understanding and care we have for each other seem to have increased as well. We became closer. Boram: We think that teamwork requires every single person. Q: The leader keeps changing. Eunjung: Even though there is a leader, generally we still make decisions together, so there is not a big difference. But things like conveying information, giving notice, gathering opinions, those are things that the leader would do. Q: Even so, the atmosphere within the team would be different because of the leader right? Soyeon: Boram unnie created a very relaxed and quiet atmosphere. Eunjung is really good at managing work, and she can organise things well even when things are very messy. When Hyomin was leader, we became more fashionable. Hyomin: As a leader, the most difficult thing was to answer our CEO’s phone calls. Eunjung: He would call at 6a.m. in the morning and ask “Are you awake?”, “Have you seen your schedule yet?” Things like that (laughs). Q: Because of what happened last year, it seems like you are more thankful to be on stage and to the fans. Eunjung: About things we used to think were a given in the past, we now think “We are really thankful” “Ah, this is so good”. Not just to fans, but to the general public who watch our performance, give us applause, and sing along to our songs. In the past, we just feel like it is just a comeback, but now we are very thankful for these things. Soyeon: We did earn things [from this incident]. This happened when we were receiving a lot of love. If that hadn’t happened, we would still be kids who didn't understand a lot of things. We would think that popularity is a given. To experience something like that at that time, it seems like we found something that we had lost. The people who worked with us, those who visited us, our fans – in the past we really seemed to not understand their preciousness and didn't know to be thankful. But after that incident, we had a lot of thoughts and became more mature and responsible. Q: The comments online, have you seen them? Hyomin: Although we didn’t read them in detail, we browsed through them. In the past we would look for negative things, but now we would look for positive things. There are more and more support messages, and there are more and more of positive messages as well. We feel happier as well. We will read them to each other as well with the thought that “Wow, there are even these [good] messages for us.” Boram: There are also negative criticisms that can be constructive. Paying attention to those comments, with the mindset that “We did that before, we should correct that” is not bad. Although we cried a lot before when we saw very malicious comments, now we look for comments that can be constructive. Seeing malicious comments that would give us harm, now, instead of getting hurt, we seem to learn from them more. Q: How is each member doing recently? Jiyeon: It’s been a long time since T-ara’s last comeback, I want to show the best side as T-ara. Hyomin: I filmed for a Japan move “JINX!!!” in the beginning of this year. It was during one of our most difficult times, and I’m thankful that I was given this opportunity. It was a very memorable filming. Eunjung: I filmed for MBC’s “Welcome”. Living with students from Turkey, it was the first time for me to film a variety like this. Because I had to promote Korean culture and language, I did a lot of studying myself as well. To be honest, I had wondered whether any variety programmes would ask me to participate. I’m really very thankful that they asked me to appear. Boram: Because I had been a bit unhealthy I lost a lot of weight, but now I’ve become a lot healthier. Qri: T-ara had a lot of overseas schedules. I prepared very hard for T-aras comeback. Soyeon: I appeared in “Haeundae Lover” last year, but because of what happened, the drama seemed to have suffered because of me, I feel very sorry about that.
    Q: Did your boyfriend Oh Jonghyuk give you a lot of support? Soyeon: Of course he gave me a lot of support, he told me good job, and gave me a lot of trust. Q: What is the secret to date for so long? Soyeon: Although we started dating, we both have a very careful personality. Because of his military service and because I am an idol, we were both very careful. We began dating with a lot of trust in each other. It seemed as if waiting was very easy because the person I like went to the army. He must have had a lot of difficulties there but he still took care of me when I faced difficulties. Because we gained more trust in each other in those 2 years, so our relationship became better as well. Q: You must have been worried when Oh Jonghyuk extended his military service. Soyeon: Although he told me about it, I was still worried as his girlfriend. But I couldn’t express it because he is very determined. I could not express anything in particular. I just worried in my heart, but I watched him return successfully and thought that was very cool. Q: Is there anyone else who wants to date? Boram: It would be great if someone could like me, but there isn’t (laughs). I really want to date. I think out of all of us I’m the one who wants to date the most. Q: Did the members know about Soyeon and Oh Jonghyuk dating? Eunjung: We knew from the very beginning. Q: T-ara has tried cat and Native American concepts etc, are there anymore concepts you want to try? Soyeon: Our juniors are all so cute, pretty, and fresh. Is there this loveable concept that only girl groups can express? We want to try that too (laughs). Eunjung: Mr CEO, please consider this (laughs). Hyomin: It seems like our CEO is really amazing. Like a genius, he always seem to think of things that other people haven’t thought about. Eunjung: During “Sexy Love” we were really shocked. At the time, wasn’t it very difficult for us to perform and have a natural expression on stage? But our CEO suggested that we do robot dance – our expressions were neither smiling nor crying (laughs). Soyeon: It seems like we don’t create the trend, but we just change it (laughs). Retro and shuffle dance were something that other artists had already done, or we would only do something after something became a trend. We would ask “is it already too late”, but it always ends up becoming popular. Q: This time, “I know the feeling” is also a trendy phrase. Eunjung: We were worried whether we would interfere with Gag Concert. Q: It seems like there are a lot of misunderstandings about your CEO in the public too. Soyeon: Our CEO saw a lot of the messages and was very hurt. But if there are good messages, he would be very happy. Eunjung: He used to be like a tractor, but his body and heart have become a lot weaker. He listened to a lot of our opinions as well. Soyeon: It feels like he may be someone who cried the most in front of singers. He asked before “Am I difficult to get along with?” Actually we have seen the normal and private side of our CEO. We've seen him when he cried in front of those comments and when he is troubled because of us. He is someone more common and normal than people think. Q: Lastly, is there anything you want to say to fans? Qri: It seems like we have only received from our fans but have never given them anything. We are really thankful to our fans. Hyomin: You’re the member who doesn’t cry even when we achieve number 1 [about Qri who teared up]. Not just to fans, but it seems like there is so much to say to the general public. Eunjung: To be honest, for this comeback, we wondered if we would be able to receive love. But there are still people who are curious and love T-ara’s music. For that we are very thankful. Regardless of what they say, they only say it because of the appearance we present. We will accept it all and work hard. Hyomin: More so than asking for forgiveness or apologising, it seems like it is more important to work hard and present a side of us that will make others say “They’re really working hard.” In the future, we want to express that sort of feeling no matter what we do. Eunjung: When friends or lovers are mad at each other because of something the other person did, and even when repeated apologies cannot resolve the issue, the most important thing is to keep working hard until the other person’s anger melts away. It seems like we have to do the same thing as artists. Original article: http://news.nate.com/view/20131015n03773 Translation via Chinese subs by TCN: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/2651831149?see_lz=1
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    curiosity reacted to CptFantasy in [13.10.22] T-ara, a Tearful Interview. Instead of explaining, they are reflecting.   
    I like Areum. I hope she does well in her solo career.
    Clearly Core Content Media felt that T-ARA works best with their original six and the success of this comeback is a testament to that.
    No changes need to be made. T-ARA's original members are what made/make them great.
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    curiosity reacted to kkyc222 in [13.10.22] T-ara, a Tearful Interview. Instead of explaining, they are reflecting.   
    T-ara, A Tearful Interview… Instead of explaining, they are reflecting
    By Kim Yong Ho

    I met with girl group T-ara. The “T-ara Incident” that caused uproar in Korea last year. At the time, after finishing their Japan Buddokan concert, success was right in front of their eyes, but a small argument between the members became a large controversy through SNS. More so than the truth of what happened, the public was more interested and passionate in their witchhunt. There is nothing more saddening than to be misunderstood. The T-ara members had also wanted to defend themselves saying that “This was not what happened in reality.”

    Just like that, a year has passed and T-ara met with us reporters. But this time, the interview is not a consoling one. The controversy has to be something they face once more before their wounds can begin to heal. So right from the beginning I asked a powerful question “Why do you think T-ara is being criticised?”

    The girls jumped at the question. But it is a question that must be answered. Perhaps it was a question they were mentally prepared for. Member Eunjung carefully replied, “We think that there must be a reason. Although there were some misunderstandings, because we think part of the reason we hear those words is because of us, we have humbly accepted [the criticism].” Hyomin said “Because we disappointed a lot of people who gave us love, we were wrong. That was an irreparable mistake. We can’t pretend it never happened. We have reflected upon our immature actions and think that we can only work hard to [make up for it].” Eunjung said, “We think that not expressing our thoughts at the time was one of the reasons we were criticised so much. We are very regretful for not expressing our thoughts from our hearts well at the time. But now, instead of using words, we think that we should use action to demonstrate [our hearts].” The members expressed their regret.

    T-ara used to be one of the most loved girl groups. But now they are harshly receiving hate. A change like that is difficult for young girls to accept. I asked, “Isn’t the reality now very saddening?” But the answer I received was a mature one, “It seems like the sad period has passed and now we are thankful for little things.” Soyeon said “In the past, being nominated for 1st place seemed to be a given. But now, when we hear that we have been nominated for 1st place, we feel so happy we get goosebumps.” Eunjung said, “The way we think has changed. I think we are lucky to have obtained these results from working hard. We hope that we will achieve better results in the future.” Jiyeon said , “It seems like we really learned a lot. We learned to be thankful for little things.” T-ara talked about their thoughts on their comeback. Eunjung, “Achieving a lot of popularity at a young age can make people arrogant and that appearance can be revealed unconsciously. Although it may not be revealed with bad intentions, it seems to have been interpreted as such.” Answers like these, instead of defending themselves, it seems like T-ara has embraced a reflective attitude.

    Suddenly, the young girls began to cry. Hyomin and Eunjung were the first to pick up tissues. Soyeon, although saying “I really don’t want to cry”, started to choke up as well. Jiyeon, who usually does not say much and has been misunderstood a lot, her tears also ruined her makeup. The members all expressed their thanks to their fans. “We are so thankful for our fans who have stayed by us even after so many bad things happened. We understand how valuable they are,” they said, revealing their honest thoughts.

    T-ara recently released their 8th mini album “AGAIN” and is promoting with double title tracks “No.9” and “I Know the Feeling.” In particular, No.9 has reached 1st place on several charts upon release and was even nominated for 1st in a music programme, achieving popularity. But T-ara is still very humble. With their heads down, they said “Instead of a desire for 1st place, we have been practising overnight with the thought that it would be great if we can receive love. We are thankful for getting response that is better than we thought.”

    Looking at T-ara, who expressed, “We were afraid about performing on stage when we knew we wouldn’t receive applause, but for those who have given us applause, we will do the best we can,” I am touched by the way they are struggling to overcome their trauma. I wonder if shedding tears like this will make them feel better. I look forward to T-ara overcoming these trials and becoming a cheerful girl group once again.

    Original source http://www.sportsworldi.com/Articles/EntCulture/Article.asp?aid=20131022022822&subctg1=50&subctg2=00&OutUrl=daum
    Translated via Chinese trans by TCN: http://www.t-arachina.cn/bbs/thread-67945-1-1.html
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    curiosity reacted to meenool in [14.06.20] Shin Dongyeob declares Eunjung should be a full-time cast member on 'Witch Hunt'.. Why?   
    dongyeob and friends, pls, it's Eunjung whom we're talking about, of course she is talented and well-spoken person.
    Where have you been all this time
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    curiosity reacted to JetMagicHam in [14.09.23] T-ara release music video for English version of #SUGARFREE.. and tease possible international club tour in October?   
    The remix album will be released on the Beatport website. It will come out on September 24th Korean time. It's 9:30am in Korea right now. I wonder if it will be released at noon. I read something about there being a limited edition, but am not sure what that meant. Maybe what it means is that you can buy the album as a download or as a cd, and that the cd will be limited quantities.

    Here's a great recent clip of the members playing a rock paper scissors type game. Watch for a super special surprise from 2:32 to 2:36!

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    curiosity reacted to DenisHan in [14.09.23] T-ara release music video for English version of #SUGARFREE.. and tease possible international club tour in October?   
    Finally this song officially release...   
    I can't wait to make my room like a Nightclub.   
    Party People...!!!
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    curiosity reacted to JetMagicHam in [14.09.23] T-ara release music video for English version of #SUGARFREE.. and tease possible international club tour in October?   
    A new official remix is released!
    T-ARA (티아라) - Sugarfree (DJ Beatrappa, Ferry, Tera) (Eng.) - [EDM Club Sugar Free Edition]
    This is great! I wonder if it's the same remix that was in one of the teaser videos, the one where the guy screamed? The Youtube video image shows new artwork! Maybe this uploader bought this somewhere already? Or leaked it?
    Here's the playlist:
    01.Sugarfree (DJ Beatrappa, Ferry, Tera) (Eng.)
    02.Sugarfree (DJ Ferry) (Eng.)
    03.Sugarfree (DJ Big Bounce) (Eng.)
    04.Sugarfree (DJ Dion) (English Ver.)
    05.Sugarfree (DJ Jeffrey Choi) (English Ver.)
    06.Sugarfree (DJ Phatsound) (English Ver.)
    07.Sugarfree (Monster Factory) (English Ver.)
    08.Sugarfree (Original Edit) (English Ver.)
    09.Sugarfree (DJ Beatrappa, Ferry, Tera) (Korean Ver.)
    10.Sugarfree (DJ Ferry) (Korean Ver.)
    11.Sugarfree (DJ Big Bounce) (Korean Ver.)
    12.Sugarfree (DJ Dion) (Korean Ver.)
    13.Sugarfree (DJ Jeffrey Choi) (Korean Ver.)
    14.Sugarfree (DJ Phatsound) (Korean Ver.)
    15.Sugarfree (Monster Factory) (Korean Ver.)
    16.Sugarfree (Original Edit) (Korean Ver.)
    It shows English and Korean versions of eight remixes. It only shows 16 tracks not 18. I guess the regular online download will be these 16 tracks and they will release a limited edition physical cd with the full 18 tracks (which may also be available for online download). This is a great remix but too bad we are kinda getting less remixes than expected. What do you think of the remix?
    I'm refreshing all these sites for more info: Tiaradiadem Front Page, Tiaradiadem Forums, T-ara World, Allkpop, Beatport, Youtube, and another site. For Youtube I sort by date uploaded and search for:
    ("t-ara" | "티아라")
    Check out the Youtube channel for the video, this uploader uploaded the remix that was in the music video! This person has the album! We want it too! :-O
    Melon has released the album for sale:
    I am on the lookout for the limited edition physical cd release. I'm keeping an eye on Beatport. I keep editing and updating this post so refresh this thread.
    Keep an eye on this channel, the uploader (rhwodmsMusic Chart ll) is currently uploading the tracks:
    The first two remixes ruled! I'm listening to the third remix and it's great also! Is anybody out there? 
    Bugs has released the album for sale:
    I haven't checked other Korean music sites yet.
    So far the first six tracks have been uploaded on that channel and they all sound great! I will buy the album but I believe that there is a limited edition 18 track cd, correct? I'm waiting for that and will buy it. I see that track seven is now online on that Youtube channel so I'm loading it now.
    Track eight is the English version of the original song, it should be exciting!
    Girls' Generation's new Japanese title track just got leaked and/or released on OneHallyu, but I won't listen yet since I'm super focused on T-ara right now!
    Track eight is uploaded now. It's the English version of the original edit, and it's great! 
    Track 16 is uploaded on the channel. It's not the Korean "Big Room" version that they perform on music shows as I expected. It's a long version of the regular Korean version. It's the long version of track two from their mini-album. It's really great!
    When they release the limited edition 18 track cd version of this remix album, I wonder what the other two tracks will be. Maybe it will be the English and Korean versions of another remix. Or maybe it will be the Korean "Big Room" that they perform on music shows plus it's either it's instrumental or a different new track. I hope it's the Korean "Big Room" version and it's instrumental, from the And&End mini-album.
    This album is amazing, and one of the greatest Korean pop albums I've ever heard. All T-ara fans should immediately buy it and support T-ara! :-)
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    curiosity reacted to red4summer in [14.12.25] Video - T-ARA @ Dear My Family Concert   
    [14.12.25] Video - T-ARA @ Dear My Family Concert

    Fancams (Last Updated on 15.01.21 1300KST)

    Number 9

    Little Apple

    Oh Ready Go Ready

    Time To Love

    Falling U

    I'm Okay

    Falling U + I'm Okay

    Sugar Free

    O My God

    Roly Poly

    O My God + Roly Poly


    I Go Crazy Because Of You

    Sexy Love

    Bo Beep Bo Beep

    Lovey Dovey

    Sexy Love + Bo Peep Bo Peep + Lovey Dovey


    Why Do You Act Like This

    I Don't Want You

    Day By Day

    Cry Cry

    Like The First Time


    Video Clip

    Bye Bye

    Bye Bye + Ending


    Credit: Retro403/T CHAN/DN Archi/Damon kim/SSo LEE/FJYLE/vmfl 2452/요서/지지지 박/김민지/드후/Soo Bi/박지지지/소연인루왕/박지은/닷컴 박소연/리꼬/Baidu Tiarabar七/Chen Shihmin/HEALING SOUL.com@YouTube + red4summer + TiaraDiadem
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    curiosity reacted to james_b in [14.12.25] Video - T-ARA @ Dear My Family Concert   
    Somehow feels that also T-ara members got the Christmas present they really wished and hoped.  The "OMG" video was really what the title said, can't remember being this moved by a concert video clip. Merry Christmas Everyone!
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    curiosity reacted to damngood in [14.12.25] Video - T-ARA @ Dear My Family Concert   
    This was so emotional watching them perform in front of their home fans. It was truly a wonderful moment for them and their Korean fans.
    I nearly darn cried watching this....ok I'm lying, I cried a lot but they were manly tears so that's ok.
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    curiosity reacted to JiyeonHolic1100 in [14.12.21] Video - T-ARA(티아라) SBS Awards Festival 2014   
    [14.12.21] Video - T-ARA(티아라) SBS Awards Festival 2014



    *they won with 19 million votes that's no joke T-ara Go! *

    Cr. 通过 @youtube + JiyeonHolic1100 + tiaradiadem

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    curiosity reacted to empresswithnocrown in [14.12.07] Video - T-ara Sugar Free @ MBC Korean Music Wave in Beijing   
    I'm so sad that they didn't dance the raw fish dance at the intro
    But all in all the performance was awsome! It looks like their own concert stage
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    curiosity reacted to Uncle fan in [14.12.07] Video - T-ara Sugar Free @ MBC Korean Music Wave in Beijing   
    The crowd reaction is amazing! I love to see them get the appreciation they deserve!  What a great performance!
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    curiosity reacted to Toan in [13.01.08] T-ara Soyeon's agency, "Iris 2? Never offered any role"   
    My question is: Has the filming production for Iris 2 started? If not, then CCM is simply overreacting. I don't like businesses and their marketing strategies, but then again I'd like to be as fair as possible. The previous news article never mentioned anything about Soyeon BEING in the cast. The official in mentioned article said that they're "positively considering to join the cast", not "offered to join the cast".
    Yes I like the fact that CCM made a response to this article, but what they are claiming to be the rumor simply did not exist to begin with. The was nothing definite about the previous article. What CCM should've done is just clarified that Soyeon has yet to received any cast offer for Iris 2.
    Now, if Iris 2 filming production has started, then it's an entirely different story and I'd side with what CCM has done.
    -My 2cents
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    curiosity reacted to kkyc222 in [12.11.16] Eunjung "Want to forget it all. Please withdraw the sanctions against Five Fingers' Production Company"   
    [12.11.16] Eunjung “Want to forget it all. Please withdraw the sanctions against Five Fingers’ Production Company”

    - Heard about the sanctions against Five Fingers’ production company while promoting in Japan
    - Told the Management Entertainment Association “Want to forget it all”

    T-ara’s Eunjung has requested the Management Entertainment Agency to withdraw its boycott of Five Fingers’ production company YEIN E&M.
    The Korean Entertainment Management Association (KEMA), in any interview with eDaily StarIn on the afternoon of the 16th, said about its sanction procedure against YEIN E&M “A sudden change in variable occurred after the news spread that we had sent out documents [regarding YEIN E&M to our members], right now, our procedure is put on halt.” A related person from KEMA said “It is because T-ara’s Eunjung, who is currently promoting in Japan, has requested KEMA to withdraw the sanctions against Five Fingers’ production company YEIN E&M regarding the dispute about her being forced off the drama.”
    This afternoon, Eunjung expressed to KEMA “Putting aside right or wrong, I want to put down everything related to Five Fingers and forget it all. If the sanctions against the production company can be withdrawn, then let’s just pretend this did not happen.”
    Because of Eunjung’s request, KEMA is currently figuring out how to solve this problem. YEIN E&M had forced an actor to leave after completion of contract signing, poster shooting, script reading and the press conference, so this cannot be seen only as a problem between one actor and one production company. To prevent similar things from happening again in the future, KEMA decided to respond by taking boycotting measures. Another related person said “Although Eunjung’s opinion should be placed first in resolving this issue, but from KEMA’s perspective, some measures have to be put into place to prevent this from happening again in the future.”
    Today, KEMA had delivered documents to its members and member companies (around 130) regarding Five Finger’s unilateral termination of Eunjung. The document said “We were determined to rectify the normal drama production relations and had requested for the actor’s return to the drama and for an undertaking not to allow such things to happen again, but YEIN as usual remained silent, avoiding responsibility and deceiving our Association”, “We hope that our members will confirm with our Association first before deciding to appear in YEIN E&M productions. It is our plan to implement this for 2 years (until December 2014)." [in effect meaning that without any special reasons, KEMA members should not appear in YEIN E&M dramas.]
    This measure is the follow up to Eunjung's sudden termination from SBS’s drama Five Fingers in August. At the time, KEMA and the Korean Broadcasting and Actors Union (KBAU) had, on the 28th, issued its protests against SBS and Five Fingers’ production company YEIN E&M for forcing Eunjung off the drama. YEIN E&M had also expressed its stance, stating that it would take strong legal measures if Eunjung’s side continues to make unreasonable propositions. The two sides were always in opposition.
    Translated from TCN Chinese Trans: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1990256876
    Original article: http://news.nate.com.../20121116n19835
    More of Eunjung's response from other articles:
    "I do not want more people to be harmed because of me. Thinking back, the production company could have suffered a lot of damage because of me. Although I am grateful for KEMA's decision to protect actors, now that it is all in the past, I hope this can end well."
    A related person from CCM said "Although we were very angry at the time, it is already in the past. Eunjung wants to greet everyone in a good production in the future. She hopes that this incident can end smoothly and satisfactorily."
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    curiosity reacted to SimonH in [12.11.13] T-ara's sleepiness on the plane attracts attention   
    Sleep well! It's sad to know that they probably sleep on the plane more than they do in their bedrooms.
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    curiosity reacted to neonoodle in [12.11.07] T-ara's Dani cast in KBS 2TV "2013 School" alongside 5dolls' Hyoyoung   
    What? Wait. Wait Wait.. Hold on a second...
    First CCM said that T-ara will be doing an Asian Tour next year, going to many countries & doing many promotions abroad.
    Recently CCM just said that Eunjung will not appear in any drama's or movies because she will have no time due to the Asian Tour and promotions abroad.
    If Eunjung, who is experienced doing dramas & movies while keeping up with T-ara's schedule, doesn't have time for dramas & movies next year, how the h does Dani??? (if she has alread debut with T-ara this dec)
    Have they decided to just have her debut as just an actress & not part of T-ara first?
    Or are they planning on having her try to keep up with an acting schedule and T-ara's already full schedule, right from the get go.
    I'm afraid, they're gonna break that poor girl.
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    curiosity reacted to S♡NE_Diademholic in [12.11.07] T-ara's Dani cast in KBS 2TV "2013 School" alongside 5dolls' Hyoyoung   
    Ironic cause school is where she should be now ..
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    curiosity reacted to ZZuRRa in [12.10.24] Director Cha EunTaek speaks about T-ara & Eunjung   
    "To see how the public, without understanding the circumstances, became so sure that there must have been bullying between them. I don't understand, there have been incidents in the past that were much worse, idols who have done illegal things, but why only treat T-ara with such harshness?"
    "Although we should criticise acts that are wrong, but to see people carelessly criticise and condemn acts that are right simply because of their own subjectivity and bias, I really could not carrying on living pretending that I did not see this in our society."
    Aah,I simply love these quotes.I hate it when T-ara's scandal were never confirmed but received hatred from almost all citizens in Korea (another example is Tablo) while some who involved in scandals that are far more serious can easily get away with that (but of course,it's not 100% true).
    Although more than half of Korean citizens and KPOP fans still haven't forgive T-ara,I'm glad to see that these people (e.g: him and Hyomin's 1000th Man PD) still support T-ara through highs and lows.They know that even though they will get a lot of bashing for backing them up,they're not afraid to do so and I respect them for doing that.
    We,QUEEN'S,just want to say thank you for still supporting our girls.I'm sure they really appreciate that.
    "After Eunjung was forced out of I had once worried that she would do something stupid."
    Whoa,that line scares me....Luckily she didn't.
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    curiosity reacted to kevinjanahan in [12.10.12] T-ara's Dani and 5dolls' Nayeon preparing for comebacks together   
    A new maknae will be show by early next year...hope she can bring more fame and famous on T-ara Group.Daebak!!!!
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