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  1. Awww! I wanna watch this now! All the T-ara Members looking AWESOME! T-ara Jijang Hwaiting!~
  2. AH!! Cute and gorgeous and funny! xDD ohmy jieun and my jiyeon ^-^
  3. well, the last photo is from Mojojo's friend btw. I knew it ady. ahahaahaaa~!
  4. i adore J I Y E O N coat.. . so pretty. . . i wish i can get one just like her. . he he he
  5. t's nice to see everyone with their faces on. They really must be looking forward to performing in another country, especially with the rest of their peers.
  6. rumor~ i read that too on an american kpop news site and they credited "nate", i looked on nate and there was nothing. the latest news about we got married wasn't about them either. :S
  7. hahahaha thanks for the pictures!!!! eunjung must be really tired but wouldn't be surprised since she has a drama among other activities
  8. T__T the ending of DreamHigh... This will be a really remembered photo for her Eunjung Fighting
  9. hey thank you for uploading htese photos!!!!~~ Hope that she will be the main actress for her next drama !! she is good enough to be EJ the actress fighting~~!~
  10. omg~~ i love it +++~ *faints~ eunjung so hot in either short or long hair looks stunning~ =D did she really have long hair now? or the hair was just an extended hair for the drama? just asking, no offend, I LOVE BOTH OF EUNJUNG~~
  11. aww~ isnt she just sweet?? lol i lots~ hwaiting Eunjung! =D
  12. I love the way Qri smile there. So sweet and still as pretty as always.
  13. haha i wonder wher did soyeon go. its becoming rare to see all of t-ara performing tgt recently == but i guess they are doing rlly well if they are busy t-ara hwaiting !!
  14. they're all amazingly cute lol I can't wait to so this episode
  15. Lol the three of them look good amusing together or maybe its just jung juri that manages to make me smile
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