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  1. Hwayoung is so pretty. Plus I noticed Qri's purple eyeshadow right away. And of course she was able to pull it off nicely.
  2. So touching. Seems like they love their fans as much as we love them.
  3. Seems like the cameramen and production crew loved Jiyeon in the summer special stage.... hehehe,
  4. Aww, the girls look great, especially Hyomin. Although the performance was a little lackluster because they all seemed to be tired.
  5. ^THIS. I completely agree. I've always supported Hwayoung when she joined T-ara because I knew she had potential to be the best rapper in the group. I don't know if she's there yet, but she's getting pretty close. I really wish CCM would allow her to get out more, especially since she has gained so much more experience and confidence now!
  6. Boram is so cute. I really wish she would get more chances to shine through variety shows an such.
  7. I'm glad the girls have been able to move out on their own-- its about time! And as for Soyeon, very eloquently put.
  8. I love it when they leave Soyeon's hair down. They should do it more often.
  9. Aww! Qri is, as always, stunning! She really looks like she came out of an anime.
  10. Ooh, I'm really looking forward to this. I absolutely adore Soyeon's voice.
  11. I really hope they get their fair share too. Keep working hard, T-ara! We love you!
  12. She's so cute and pretty! I hope she gets more exposure during their comeback (which I CANNOT wait for, btw).
  13. So pretty! Qri looks gorgeous in those photos. I always wondered why she didn't star in more period dramas. I'm glad she's getting more roles.
  14. Soyeon is amazingly talented. I'm glad her talent didn't go to waste, and that she persevered. Go Soyeon!
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