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  1. I'm really happy for Hyomin, but didn't CCM say that they'll be focusing less on acting for T-ara (a while back they said T-ara will temporarily stop acting and focus on music instead)... I for one would really like more music from them.
  2. Honestly I don't think it's ccm's fault this time, they probably didn't foresee this coming...but I'm really sick and tired of netizens bashing t-ara for everything xxxxing thing, pardon my language. I hate having to see hate comments about t-ara all the time... Note: I can't stand how some fans keep on saying that they 'don't know how t-ara will recover from all this'. Honestly. As long as we support them, what's there to fear? Don't you guys have faith in our girls? Cos I definitely do.
  3. Guys I don't think we should blame Jin Seyeon. It's not really a fault, we can't blame her for accepting the role to advance her career. She might not have understood what was going on, maybe she thought there were arguments between eunjung and sbs and that they already told eunjung they were going to drop her, so she didn't realise that eunjung had been 'backstabbed'. On a side note, I hope eunjung doesn't have to go back, and the show freaking fails. It doesn't deserve to succeed with such an asshole PD, and it definitely doesn't deserve Eunjung. I just feel bad for Ji Hoon and Chang Wook.
  4. I don't want her to go back to that crap PD. In fact, I hope the show freaking fails! Go find another drama, Eunjung!we'll be right behind you!
  5. AWESOME! Finally another good Eunjung drama, and with Ji Chang Wook to boot! I hope they're a couple~ First Hyomin, then Soyeon, and now Eunjung... It's obvious that the people who do the casting all know how awesome T-ara members are at acting! Now all that's left is for Jiyeon to be castes in a new drama(preferably as a main character...and with JB again XD. Just my personal wish heh.)
  6. I really wish this were true! Haven't seen much of Hyomin's acting, we should get more of it, esp since we've seen so much of Jiyeon and Eunjung. But I hope she doesn't collapse from exhaustion or anything, it wouldn't be good for her to compromise her health...
  7. I have a horrible feeling about this...Boram will be absent from promotions, and replaced by Areum? This sounds like some sort of plan to slowly integrate the two new members into the group while slowly making Boram and another member absent, and then kicking out Boram and the other member! Screw KKS, this had better not be his plan!
  8. Damn...get well soon!!! Stupid KKS...overworking his idols...I'd rather T-ara take another long vacation-a REAL vacation, instead of one with cameras following them around- and postpone their comeback. Their health is way more important.
  9. She looks more Krystal than anyone else, frankly. But honestly I don't care. Like I've said before, fourteen is too young. Isn't she, like, the youngest kid ever to debut in the kpop industry? My bet is that by Jan next year we'll be receiving reports about her getting injured or collapsing and getting sent to the hospital. Honestly, everyone knows that T-ara has one of the most KILLER schedules amongst all the kpop groups. This girl has no prior experience, has to deal with living in a foreign country with a bunch of girls she's practically strangers with, and has to balance school and work at the same time. Unless she's freaking Wonder Woman, there's no way she'll cope. If the girl was older, or perhaps has had experience handling the life of an idol before, maybe I wouldn't be so against this. But seriously. Right now it's not just about T-ara having a new member, it's also about the poor girl's mental and physical health. This just convinces me that KKS is a complete buffoon.
  10. I'm sorry, but this is absolutely ridiculous. Firstly, I still haven't accepted hwayoung as maknae, although I do consider her an integral part of the group now, cos Jiyeon will forever be the maknae in my heart. Secondly, much more importantly, the girl is freaking fourteen. That means, for the rest of us NOT living in Korea, she's freaking thirteen years old. I don't give a damn how talented she may be, she is too goddamn young for this. This is child labour. Many teenage idols older than her have complained about being unable to juggle their work and school and whatnot. This fourteen year old girl will be joining an established group, one of the most popular in Korea, and they have like the busiest, most overworked schedules. She's fourteen? I'm just wondering how long it'll be before we see reports of her collapsing from exhaustion. Frankly, I got over the news about the new members a long time ago. But this, this age thing. It's utterly ridiculous. The girl is going to have a hell of a time trying to cope.m
  11. Even though I would really love a free concert, I can't help but think this is just a way for KKS to earn more money...what a total gold digger.
  12. One thing I'd like to point out- how do we know that these two new members have fantastic vocals anyway? My opinion of really good vocals is, like, at the standard of Soyeon/Taeyeon/Krystal etc. What if KKS is dumping us a singer like, say Sooyoung or Yuri(no offence meant, but they can't really sing), and saying that they are good? Honestly, all this crap about lessening the burden is just an excuse to dump in new members, so for all we know, the two new members might actually not have vocals that are that good anyway. Having said that, I'd like to point out when hwayoung joined the group- KKS's excuse then was to 'lower the average age'. There was a HUGE uproar because of that. My guess? KKS learnt his lesson, and he's using another, perhaps false reason to dump members into the team. Furthermore, if he really wanted to lessen soyeon's burden, he would just give the lines to the other members. Hyomin and Eunjung may not be at the level of main vocalists like Taeyeon or Krystal, but the two of them are still pretty good, better at singing than many other girl group members. Although Hyomin's distribution has still been pretty fair, but Eunjung has hardly been getting any lines in their recent songs. And let's all not forget Qri, Jiyeon and Boram, who supposedly 'can't sing'. I think that's just xxxx. I agree, the three of them aren't exactly the best singers around, nor are they at the standard of Hyomin and eunjung. But anyone who has heard Jiyeon's solo osts should and would be able to tell that she is able to sing, and her singing isn't that poor either. The reason why people think they can't sing is really just because they aren't even given the freaking chance, so naturally everyone would assume that they usually don't sing much cos they can't sing. Baseline is, KKS thinks that everyone's just a bunch of idiots who'll blindly follow what he says. Really, at this point I hope that Jiyeon, Eunjung and Qri will just leave the team. Jiyeon and Eunjung can just debut as solo singers or actresses, and I think they'll do fantastic. Qri can debut as an actress too. I think anything would be better than staying and suffering such indignation from that stupid KKS
  13. God I hate fanwars...now I want Tara to just leave the frigging company and let KKS fight his own stupid battles himself. Honestly, wtf if this? Why is Tara even running a risk of getting blamed for this, when all this is KKS's fault? If I were SME, I would just quickly try and take over the group, seriously, instead of just wasting time with fanwars. Not like KKS even utilises his talented idols.
  14. Honestly I think hwayoung gets quite a few lines, considering she's the rapper. But Qri, boram and jiyeon? And now even eunjung! I hardly get to hear their voices anymore in their latest songs, and I mean like, all of them. Seriously, at this rate, I would rather Tara leave their freaking company and that stupid CEO. Or, even though I really really love Tara as a group, maybe eunjung and jiyeon should just leave. Cos honestly, they don't get to sing much as part of their group, and they can actually get to sing more songs/osts as actresses! (ie Dream High 2, etc)
  15. sighs...even though i wish jiyeon would act in more shows...but they really should take a break before they wear themselves down.
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