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  1. Death is part and parcel of life. I believe your grandfather would not want you to be sad. Qri, I hope you get over it soon. My condolences to you and your family.
  2. Anticipating this drama! I am still curious to see if Dani is able to make the cut~
  3. Sweeet! I got paid $79.81 so far from surveys! Cant wait for more! LOOK > http://t.co/SZw94oKE

  4. the M/Vs are Daebak! Gonna purchase T-ara's 7th album once it's out in my country =D =D =D
  5. Sexy Love looks good! Anticipating their comebacks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Saranghae T-ara~ Robotic dance ^.^
  6. The beginning of a brand new start for T-ara..(hopefully) I hope everything will be fine for them starting from next month onwards.
  7. it's time for us QUEEN'S to stand up and support their comeback this time, regardless of the outcome.
  8. I am feeling sad for Eunjung, after all the hard work and preparation she had put it for this drama. Screw you SBS.
  9. Let's hope they won't kick Eunjung out, this whole thing is just too ridiculous to begin with.
  10. that's like the most ridiculous news that happened to Eunjung right now..
  11. Hwaiting Soyeon Noona! Get Well Soon, Queens will always support you!
  12. Soyeon ah..I admire your determination to continue with the drama filming, but health always comes first before everything. Please focus on recuperating and get well soon!
  13. Get Well Soon Soyeon. May everything goes well for you in future.
  14. best news i ever heard! hyomin hwaiting!~ may everything goes well on that day
  15. One of the best news that I have heard since the controversy. Hopefully more good news await =D
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