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  1. the girls look tired but deep inside they are happy for the love and support they continue to receive from Queen's! hail to all Queen's!
  2. it shows that there's alot more people supporting T-Ara. I really admire these group for their perseverance and dedication to what their doing.... happy for T-Ara's continual success!
  3. wow that was a really fun and enjoyable concert. thank you for sharing those fancams. the girls was so energetic and those smiles....they made me smile too!!! Congratulations for the wonderful performances, T-ara is the best!
  4. fanchants was really cute!!! ~kekeke~ daebak! T-ara keep it up, fighting!
  5. ahww...teary eyed while reading this letter T_T t-ara were so humble to accept their mistakes and short comings. i know that they are having hard times together, but always stay strong coz there's a lot who cares for you girls. come back as a more better person. T-ara fighting!
  6. another sensible statement that really flatters me very much appreciated to speak out for this controversy, i applaud you for that!
  7. 'negative people will always think negatively'...narrow minded people don't have the sense of understanding *mix emotions right now* hoping for more good news in the coming days. miss T-ara so much T_T
  8. what the writer's statement was really true, it was the company's responsibility to clear the issue once and for all, since it was their CEO who acted harshly on this matter. Eversince the controversy started i haven't heard any justifiable action from the agency, all the hate and rage was thrown against the members...
  9. i feel crying now at first, i was very excited knowing Eunjung is casted in a drama...and now bad news! oh, how cruel to do that to her! what kind of thinking those people have, so frustrating Please, please someone save our Eunjung!
  10. i'm so touched with the director's words... what he said was really true...how can people judge and accuse young kids as if they know everything
  11. it must be really hard for them to come out in this kind of situation but Hyomin and Soyeon face them professionally...and i also wish good luck for Eunjung's press conference. wahhh....i also teared up after watching soyeon & hyomin's interview ...it's so heartbreaking seeing them cry.... T-ara please stay strong!!!
  12. eunjung be strong! we're looking forward for your new drama.... make us proud....time will come haters will realize their stupidity
  13. im looking forward to it! hyomin-ah fighting! Queen's will always be by T-ara's side
  14. huh so many narrow minded netizens....if you don't want to see them then change your channels!
  15. i hope justice prevail...let those irresponsible media be punished so others will be more cautious on what they will publish next time.
  16. ooohhhh, so so so sad what a devastating situation is this??? all schedules are one by one being cancelled... on the contrary, i'll just assume it's for their safety....i just hope for them to stay strong and able to heal the wounds caused by this ruckus. i'm already missing T-ara T_T~~ ... T-ara fighting!
  17. let's hope for the best... T-ara will always be myT-ara, fighting!
  18. why is this happening???? it's really sad to see things gotten worse and out of control anymore.... CCM/KKS, why didn't you use your head before announcing that stupid decision of yours?!? ...arrrggg..i'm so frustrated and heartbroken.....
  19. ...sigh...things are out of hand anymore.... ......words can't express how painful it is to see this chaos hurting my T-ara ....aaaahhhh i want to hug them!!!
  20. *sigh*......i'm worried for the girls' performance..... let's pray they manage to finish the performance well... ....aigh, my heart is aching for this girls T-ara please be strong!
  21. kks, after all you've said and done??? now you're taking back what you have just announced! you've made everything so messed up...you should have think things over together with the involved parties before announcing such harsh decisions!!! everyones ruined, hurting and crying because of unjustified decisions.....
  22. :( :( how can they say something like that??? does that mean they know something behind all these controversies??? arrrrrrgggg...my heart is aching and beating so fast as i see one by one bad news are coming out and becoming entangled.
  23. i'm so confused....really!!!! why should T-ara members suffer the consequences of their company's rash and harsh action????
  24. this is really a bad news... kks what have you done!!! t-ara is in great dilemma right now!
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