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    LeeLyRi_2012 reacted to Miss Park in [13.05.04] T-ara N4's tearful confession, "It was not bullying. We had no idea she would leave"   
    the MC shouldn't recall that hurtful memory....
    the MC should understand and be more sensitive about "sensitive" things...
    T-Ara not need to explain anything else about that scandal... what's over is just over...
    whether they explain it or not, do netizen want to listen their explanation? netizen just know how to hate, so what's the point of wasting their energy and tears to explain it?
    T-Ara girls are getting better now... they're trying to move on and take another new step with new strength with new look...
    and as Queen's let's we focus to support and love our girls in a good way...
    Hwayoung is Hwayoung now... i support her as "Ryu Hwayoung".... and wish she will find another best way for her career and life in future...
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    LeeLyRi_2012 reacted to xbot in [13.01.01] T-ara Top Female Group at 2012 Soompi Gayo Awards   
    They were also named as one of the Top 10 artists of 2012 and Lovey Dovey got #8 in the Top 50 Songs of 2012 category.
    I always did prefer Soompi compared to a AllKpop..
    Source: http://www.soompi.co...awards-results/
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    LeeLyRi_2012 reacted to DNQistina in [12.12.04] Video - T-ara's special stages at their Budokan concert   
    Aww my three bias in one stage! Eunjung is so cute <3 EunJiYeon fighting! :D
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    LeeLyRi_2012 reacted to kuriya17 in [12.11.13] T-ara's sleepiness on the plane attracts attention   
    haha Soyeon atmosphere is just like a boss! XD
    well, she is indeed a boss anyway!
    Idk, I actually have mixed emotions after seeing this.
    I actually smile seeing how cute they can be even sleeping, at the same time, feel pity on how busy are they.
    anyway, fighting t-ara!
    btw, i love the sitting arrangement
    EunMinYeon RamSsyoRi
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    LeeLyRi_2012 reacted to EunJiYeon93 in [12.10.17] TV Appearence - T-ara's Confession   
    I kind of have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I think that it's great that they finally get a platform to truly explain things themselves. But then I'm a little bit concerned about the fact that they're bringing up the scandal again when it has died down. But I'm still really excited to watch this show
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    LeeLyRi_2012 reacted to s-park in [12.09.18] Video - T-ara Fancams @ Hong Kong Showcase Concert   
    [12.09.18] Video - T-ara Fancams @ Hong Kong Showcase Concert












    I'm sure there are pretty more to be uploaded..


    Please do share some fancams here if you have too that are not posted here..Thank you!
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    LeeLyRi_2012 reacted to eeekhang in [12.09.09] Quick News - M Countdown Online Poll   
    Went on to do my daily voting for T-ara and am so happy to see them as #1! Sharing the good news with all Queens! Yeah!
    Credit: MNet Onliine
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    LeeLyRi_2012 reacted to hyominheart in [GIFS] T-ara Sexy Love @ MBC Music Core (08/09)   
    Cr: chesskidgaf

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    LeeLyRi_2012 reacted to Loveisallthesame in [GIFS] T-ara Sexy Love @ MBC Music Core (08/09)   
    I really happy!!!

    They back !!!


    Cr: Tumblr + Loveisallthesame

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    LeeLyRi_2012 got a reaction from Dandelina in [12.08.29] Actress Kim Hye Eun "Soyeon staying on Haeundae Lovers, please applaud!"   
    another sensible statement that really flatters me
    very much appreciated to speak out for this controversy, i applaud you for that!
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    LeeLyRi_2012 reacted to kkyc222 in [12.08.29] Actress Kim Hye Eun "Soyeon staying on Haeundae Lovers, please applaud!"   
    Actress Kim Hye Eun "Soyeon staying on Haeundae Lovers, please applaud!"

    “It is not an issue that can be solved by leaving the drama. Ostracizing/bullying is clearly a serious societal problem, but where there is debate but no confirmed facts or truth, to unconditionally accuse and criticize young adults is not right. To push the young into a difficult situation because of the existence of a debate, is this something that adults should do?”
    Actress Kim Hye Eun, who also appears in Haeundae Lovers with Soyeon, candidly expressed her thoughts about the T-ara issue. On the 28th with an interview with Daily Economy Star Today, Kim Hye Eun said “There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the drama, including Soyeon’s appearance on the drama and the Busan dialect, but on set, the atmosphere is still happy and enjoyable.” “It is true that there are many unfavorable aspects, but they have to be solved wisely one by one.”
    Kim Hye Eun said that day: “To already have promised to appear in the drama, and to have already participated in over 5 filmings, behaviour like ‘Because of your response, I will cut you out’ is wrong.” “In the T-ara incident, most importantly, it is the adults who have made the bigger errors. I want to applaud the decision of the production team to continue working together under circumstances of debate in order to not disappoint the hardworking actors.”
    She continued: “Partial conversations over twitter or SMS between young adults cannot be used to make judgments on everything.” “One cannot say who was at fault, but to avoid similar situations and to prevent kids from getting hurt, care and wise judgments are needed from adults. In particular, if the agency can take some action on behalf of the children, that would be great. Very anxious”
    At the same time, she expressed: “No matter what the problem is, to just solve the superficial issue is not the way to resolve the problem.” She added, “Right now, Soyeon, as the object of anger, is in a dilemma. If she ignores the situation and chooses to leave the drama unconditionally, then the viewers’ wounds might feel more comfortable, but the heart will not be cured. Even if the surrounding circumstances are loud and noisy, isn’t it a good thing that the actors’ acting and the production team’s hardwork together receive praise for the drama?”
    On the other hand, Kim Hye Eun’s charismatic acting as the wife of President Yang in Haeundae Lover has received praise.
    Translated by @kckclalala via Chinese translation: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1826234863
    Original article: http://news.nate.com.../20120829n07603
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    LeeLyRi_2012 got a reaction from winnieBG in [12.08.28] Translation - Hwayoung's Tweet   
    'negative people will always think negatively'...narrow minded people don't have the sense of understanding
    *mix emotions right now* hoping for more good news in the coming days.
    miss T-ara so much T_T
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    LeeLyRi_2012 reacted to HiroM4A in [12.08.24] Han Yeono, "Eunjung was threatened by the 'Five Fingers' PD"   
    What? Threaten?? Seriously??? He supposes to be a PD, not a gang member or sth right????
    If Eunjung is going to be back to this drama, removing this PD too.
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    LeeLyRi_2012 reacted to nathaniel in [12.07.12] Idol-actress T-ara's Eunjung says, “I want to act with Bridal Mask's ‘Joowon’”   
    [12.07.12] Idol Actress T-ARA's Eunjung says, “I want to act with Bridal Mask's ‘Joowon’”

    It is no longer an issue for an idol to take on the challenge of acting. From taking on the leading role in popular dramas to supporting roles, the idol members' participation is growing. ‘Actress-idol’, ‘fashion-idol’, etc are modified references to idols, and the idol group that represents all of this is T-ARA.
    I can never be separated from acting and music~
    Representative actress-idol ‘Eunjung’. She is a true actress-idol who entered the acting world as a child actress. What do actress and singer mean to her?
    “I started as an actress, but I was able to take on better roles and in better circumstances because I am a member of T-ARA. Acting and music can never be separated from me. First of all, as an actress, I am not T-ARA member Eunjung but I'm me as an individual. I need to cope with things alone, so I must be more alert. It can be hard trying to work with many staff members, but in the end it feels great because we work and create one project together. It's also fun living in a different world than the real one. On the other hand, when I stand on the stage as T-ARA, it feels as if something (bothersome) in my heart disappears – I feel refreshed. Especially when I stand on the stage with my members, I feel as if I became an outlaw. I really enjoy performing with my members.”
    Which actor does she want to act with? “Lately, while watching Joowon on ‘Bridal Mask’, I keep thinking how I want to act with him. His image in ‘1Night 2Days’ and in acting is clearly different. He seems to be deeply absorbed into his character, so I really want to work with him one day. I think I can learn a lot from him.”

    Eunjung hesitated a little before she talked about Bridal Mask's ‘Joowon’. It was because her fake husband ‘Jangwoo Lee’ from ‘We Got Married’ is currently starring in ‘I Do I Do’, which is aired during the same time as ‘Bridal Mask’. “I am watching my husband through his drama as well! I clearly see all of his romantic skinships as well. Truthfully, I thought the skinships would be bolder, but it's actually not that intense,” she replied with a hint of jealousy.
    Eunjung has worked with ‘Jangwoo Lee’, ‘Soohyun Kim’, ‘Taecyeon’, ‘Wooyoung’, and so on, who are so-called ‘popular male stars’. Who is her ideal? “I like a person who works diligently. I especially like a person who is sentimental and understanding. Oh! And I like a person who is sensible. In sensible, I mean he must be meticulous and detail-oriented in his lifestyle.”
    “I want to emcee for a radio program with my voice~”
    I asked Eunjung which new area/field she wanted to take on next. Her voice also seemed to match well as a radio DJ. “I really want to be a radio DJ! I think my life will become more abundant if I DJ. I can meet the vast world through many people's diverse stories. And since music can be a part of the program, it's like everything I like is combined into one.”
    Eunjung's eyes sparkled as she talked about her greed/desire to become a radio DJ. I was curious what type of music she would air if she were to emcee her own radio show. What type of genre does Eunjung like, and what does she normally listen to? “Do you know ‘Yoonha Ju’ by any chance? He sings with a gentle tone as if he's telling a story, and this is exactly the type of music and tone I like.”

    As a person who loves to listen to music quietly by herself, I asked Eunjung what her dreams were as a singer. “I want to hear people say ‘I love how there's a singer with this type of voice’, ‘I need Eunjung's song right now’. To sum it all up, I want to become an ‘essential singer’. In order to reach that point, I must practice harder and do my very best.”
    Just like her cute self you see in TV shows, Eunjung walked around the set with a smile constantly on her face. But as soon as the shutter sound went off, she overpowered the set as she changed her gaze to match the concept, like a true professional. There is much attention towards Eunjung, an actress-idol who possesses the quality of a professional.
    Source: http://bntnews.hankyung.com/apps/news?popup=0&nkey=201206191814503&c1=04&c2=03&nid=04&mode=sub_view
    Translated by: x은영이
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    LeeLyRi_2012 reacted to Garism in [12.08.20] Eunjung and Lee Jangwoo to have their last MBC "We Got Married" episode on the 25th   
    First couple I've watched in WGM. Sad to see them leaving.
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    LeeLyRi_2012 reacted to intiendes in [12.08.21] Eunjung to have her first filming for SBS "Five Fingers" on the 22nd   
    I hope to see a happy smile on her face again ... the press con was soo heartbreaking to watch because her face was soo sad ... I hope she'll be back as bubbly eunjung ... miss the T-ARA soo much
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    LeeLyRi_2012 reacted to WooRi in [12.08.04] Backlash after T-ara appears on "Sebakwi", "We demand an apology"   
    Netizens with their "evidence" & WHY the team crew should to apology if those rumors only a RUMORS..
    "340,000" netizens only know how to bash people in internet. but when T-.jinyo ask them to do a protest. Where're all of those netizens? =_=
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    LeeLyRi_2012 reacted to klee95 in [POLL] Is this wrong?   
    Do I advocate it? No.
    Is it wrong? No. It's their property, they can do what they want with it. I mean, it's completely stupid because it helps nobody and you're wasting your money, but if you like \o/
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    LeeLyRi_2012 got a reaction from painFUL in [12.07.30] T-ara's concert getting mass refund requests while 6,300 people leave their fancafe   
    this is really a bad news...
    kks what have you done!!!
    t-ara is in great dilemma right now!
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    LeeLyRi_2012 reacted to Jana Glam in [12.07.30] SBS PD's controversial statement, "I won't reach out to T-ara in the future"   
    KKS put the final nail in the coffin with this xxxx. He's effectively ruined the careers of all eight of them.
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    LeeLyRi_2012 reacted to KaiC in [12.07.30] T-ara Eunjung's "Five Fingers" role is in jeopardy   
    CCM should let t-ara speak up ... anything that the members say right now will soothe the fans a bit
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    LeeLyRi_2012 reacted to sneajette in [12.07.29] What is the big T-ara announcement about? "Replacing members was never mentioned in the past"   
    i've been their fan for a long time now.. ive been constantly updating myself on t-ara.. ive watched a thousand times their mvs, guest shows, variety shows and had read a lot of articles pertaining to them.. and from that one can observe what kind of bonding they have...in an interview where eunjung got teary eyed when asked about the bonding that t-ara has..
    here's her answer,
    “All of us have been through so much. That’s why I want to be with them for as long as possible,” says Eunjung, “Most of us get very lonely as we don’t get to see our family all that often, so we depend on each other to cheer each other up.”“We’re more like family now,” continues Eunjung, “We’re sisters. If a member were to come up to me and say ‘Someone said something bad about me’ or ‘This person hurt me,’ I wouldn’t think twice about getting up and doing something about it.”
    so base from that, never have i imagine t-ara members would do such thing as to bully their fellow member coz of the fact that she wasn't able to perform with them because of an injury.. they have been injured like her before and wasn't able to perform as well they know the feeling of being injured and being depressed , that's why i know t-ara wouldn't do such a childish thing like "bully".. i'l just patiently wait for tomorrows big announcement.. i have faith that t-ara as 9 members, composing the original 7 + the 2 new members would still be intact.. it's there 3rd year anniversary, things would go well.. have faith with t-ara Queens..
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    LeeLyRi_2012 reacted to Mr Kei in [12.07.21] Video HD - T-ara @ Pheromone Date   
    thanks for sharing.. but it's great if someone sub this video
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    LeeLyRi_2012 reacted to Sweettreasurer in [EVENT] T-ara's performance at Dream Concert (05/12)   
    [EVENT] T-ara's performance at Dream Concert (05/12) - UPDATED!

    For the rest of the images:

    For the rest of the images:

    CREDIT: t-arafan + Nate + Naver + Sweettreasurer + tiaradiadem.com

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    LeeLyRi_2012 reacted to ily_shannon in [PICS] T-ara in Incheon Airport back to Korea (04/18)   
    [PICS] T-ara in Incheon Airport back to Korea (04/18)

    For the rest of the images:

    For the rest of the images: http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/index.php?app=gallery&album=1726

    CREDIT: T-arafan + Angelic Soyeon + ily_soyeon + Sweettreasurer + tiaradiadem.com

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