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  2. OH YES! SO! HAPPY! FOR! MINNIE! ;A; Congratulations, Hyomin! (so that's where you were going last night)
  3. If we could turn back time.

  4. Playing with lyrics on Google Translate

  5. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  6. Wow, there's even an article on them sleeping? LOOOOOL XD They look really worn out...
  7. OMG. Jiyeon, I love you and want to see you act and come to Singapore and blah but you won't get to enter college... T___T I don't know which would be better... Hopefully CCM won't load them with schedules, but I don't think that's gonna happen anytime soon.
  8. I'm so sorry, Qri unnie. Stay strong, all of us got your back! May your grandfather rest in peace! ♥
  9. I had ideas for a new fic, but then it disappeared... ;A;

  10. NO! NO! NO! NO! *silence~~~~~~~* OH!

  11. nan jeongmal jelly nun jelly ko jelly ib jelly love

  12. Our girls are still loved by people of all ages! Whether it's little kids or the middle age people, even the elders, they all love them! ♥♥♥ I really feel so proud of them! \o/ I think I looked like one of those audience cos I was smiling widely to myself the whole time, especially during the first song. ^^ Why did they have to squeeze in that disc though? There clearly wasn't enough space for them LOL. Areum didn't even do the hairflip, hahaha!
  13. 你看得懂我在写什么吗?:D

  14. My overwhelming 7-ara feels... ~T_T~ I miss seeing them so carefree and cheerful and healthy-looking! Most of all, I miss RYU HWAYOUNG! Our tall, derping Hwalligator...

  16. One word. Wah. Done. LOL. Now I'm really confused by all this releases. KKS, you no money is it? Now I need to save up. :/
  17. It costs $11.11 in Singapore! *cries* So expensive... My mom won't let me buy for sure.
  18. I missed them so much! Finally we get to see them smile. ^^ REJOICE, MY FELLOW QUEEN'S! \o/
  19. tteonajima tteonagajima nareul gaseume sangcheomanjugo

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