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  1. I FINALLY OWN TWO ALBUMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 4 music videos?! What?! And what does it mean by 15 minute long dance version? Or is it drama version? Ugh. I'm confused. And how come Day and Night isn't sung by T-ara? So many questions... Anyway, still excited for the release! Hope they can get an all kill!!! Fighting!
  3. It doesn't matter if you're a guy or gal, if you're a Queen's then you're automatically a byun (especially when it comes to SEXY LOVE!)

  4. The dialogues are sooo random! But yes Hyomin, it is a good idea. And Qri, you have always been pretty. And yes Jiyeon, you are a SEXY SINGER! You're right Eunjung, you don't look like Dolly the sheep, and why do you only have one nostril? Glad you liked the compliment anyway! Of course you can look sexy, Areum, you are in T-ara! Soyeon, you're looking gooood! And Boram, you have a sexy mouth so that you can eat sexy food!
  5. I heard sexy nose. It's not just me right? Sexy nose? Moving on, OH MAI GAWD!!! So cool! Not really digging the old-fashion doll-like thingy, but other than that, the teaser is totally DAEBAK!
  6. Qri cared! She does care about her family! So does this mean it's her turn to be leader now?
  7. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! *cries tears of joy* Our Queens are back! Sexy Love!!! Oh yeah! Muahahahahaha. Don't mind me, I'm too happy! I see Qri's hair's still green, but it's short now. And Areum's dyed blond. Oh yeah, slay the antis!
  8. T.T My Queens~~~ I really really wish everything's alright after this, that the bashing will stop in Korea (who cares about allkpoop?), and T-ara can come back successfully. And of course I wish Hwa can come back too, though that's not very possible... Haiz. Fighting! 加油! 화이팅!
  9. Aish. So many things. Hope everything goes smoothly for our Queens. What matters most right now is that they're in good condition, especially their health, whether physically, mentally, emotionally, whatever-ly. I think right now, I don't really mind if they are not gonna comeback soon cos of all the things going on in Korea right now. Though of course, a comeback would still be pretty awesome. FIGHTING! ♥♕♥
  10. Olleh olleh olleh olleh! But I hope there will be an okay number of fans there. I hate to imagine what the antis would do... T-ara FIGHTING!
  11. Eunjung's mom was a child actress too?! Didn't know that. Aigoo... I hope Eunjung cheers up soon. There are better dramas out there. But then again, I was also anticipating her piano-playing. ~T_T~ Cheer up Jungie! Cry everything out, it'll make you feel much better. In fact, the whole of T-ara should meet up right now and have a crying session. Haizz. FIGHTING! Queen's love you amd will always support you! ♥
  12. Arrgh!!!!! What is SBS's problem?! I hope the original news about Jungie leaving was just a troll! This is like the most anticipated drama of the year and now what? They wanna pull her out cos of some unverified rumours?!!!
  13. O.O Look at the number of shoes. And shorts/skirts. Woah. And I miss T-ara so much! T.T
  14. Gumiho! KQueen's better protect Minnie. Fighting, can't wait for drama to come out
  15. listening to recent t-ara songs make me sad cos there's lots of power rapping by hwa. come back, hwa! :(

  16. Those guys are crazy. How can they expect the girls to be editted out when they are the so-called highlight of the show? Siao. <(`^´)> <(ˍ ˍ*)>
  17. it's so late and i wanna sleep, but it seems like i've got addixted to this forum over the span of the past few days. :)

  18. Sorry. Didn't phrase it properly, wasn't thinking properly either. I didn't mean it like that. Of course KKS apologizing was a good thing.
  19. Wut. KKS, WHAT'S GOING ON IN YOUR BRAIN?! First you cause all this mess, then you apologise. Hello? :/ Hjdblajpdbkkddbx
  20. Daebak. Thanks a bunch, made my day at 6.11 am in the morning where I am right now!
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