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  1. Areum looks better with this color and I prefer jiyeon with her old hairstyle without bangs.. Still, pretty of course the 2 of them.
  2. Does it have a live link? I hope they can clarify things abit so that those haters can finally shut their mouth !!!
  3. That's do sweet of them. I wonder if the girls have seen this. They must be very touched! Fighting!
  4. Jiyeon looked so fine in every picture. She can be another pout queen alongside Qri. Haha.
  5. I see Singapore! Yes. They are finally gonna hold a full concert in Singapore. Wanna hear them live!
  6. That's sad. Please don't shut down diadem. We shall hope for the best for the gals
  7. The news of removal of hwayoung alr caused so much troubles. Imagine if it were other members who are being replaced. He shld know the consequences of his actions... Just hold a press conference so that everyone esp fans can be assured of the situation and matters...
  8. This just reflects how vulnerable the girls are. Few slight mistakes and you are out of the group. Also, there are reports saying hwayoung wanna perform but was dissuaded by the staffs. So which version is true?!!!!!
  9. This is getting way out of hand. Too many versions and twists and turns. Who to believe is another question. Kks, why can't t-area be like other girl groups without much replacement here and there. Hwayoung joined the group barely 2 years ago and nw she is out of t-ara. T-ara missing any of the members is not t-ara anymore. And I hope to see the opinions of the other members...
  10. This poster is really cool! It looks like some kind of game, those RPGs games in fact. It will be great if we can see the photos of the rest of the members too!
  11. Is this for real? M'sia fans will be so excited. Hope they drop by neighbouring countries like Singapore too!!
  12. This is cool! It seems they are expanding their merchandise in gmarket. I wanna get one of jiyeon's tee!
  13. The thumbs up is funny! He's so lucky to have gotten jiyeon's card! It's really random so buyers dunno whose card they got when they buy.
  14. I really love this version as compared to the 1st one cuz there are much more scenes of jiyeon here! wow!!!
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