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  1. Wow, the price is really steep. Need to choose between the 3 already! Hope those who can afford the diamond style can share the pics of the photobook here!
  2. I like jiyeon, eunjung and hyomin photo best. Jiyeon is really sexy here. all grown up and matured! fighting!
  3. Italy good! haha. eunjung!! why are u so cute? and jiyeon is gorgeous! OMG!
  4. The girls are so pretty in their white dresses. The scenery are all very captivating! Can't wait to see more of their photos.
  5. I wanna participate too. the limited edition book looks cool! it comes with a cd/dvd too as seen from the images. But I think it's not open to non-korean citizens. ccm should open 1 contest to international fans!
  6. I like the way jiyeon and hyomin portrays their bad girl look and style. very classic and pretty at the same time.
  7. Hyomin, jiyeon and eunjung looks good together. haha. their rain boots are so cute! fits them so well.
  8. does anyone know what is the device that hwayoung is holding? so interesting. Day 2 photos are taken in wet weather. hope the nx few days will be good weather.
  9. Eunjung's picture is so cool. It's like some movie poster. And not forgetting jiyeon's carefree look here. AWESOME!
  10. That's nice of them to give out signed cds and iriver headphones to thank those who support t-ara shop! It's a must to drop by gmarket to see the products they endorse.
  11. So good. Envy you thai fans! T-ara, pls come to singapore soon! Wanna see you gals in real life and perform live!
  12. They look lovely! With all the camera crew following them wherever they went, I bet all those passer-bys will think that they are some big stars and I believe they can recognise t-ara!!!
  13. soyeon's long, pink jacket is nice! and jiyeon's shoes are interestingly high. hope they have a good rest aboard the long flight.
  14. They can use their plushie as a pillow on flight. how considerate of the fan. Look at how jiyeon waves back at the fans. haha.
  15. love how jiyeon peeps before making sure and waving! haha. and eunjung is like instructing hyomin to give flying kisses! how cute!
  16. wow, they all looked so fresh and greeting fans enthusiastically.
  17. jiyeon!!!!!!! why are u so pretty always? haha. guess eunjung really like the gift from her fans!
  18. hyomin and soyeon looked so good here. Actively responding to the fans! how nice. anw, what's the song from the first vid? it is sung by them?
  19. I love jiyeon's airport style the most. wahhaha. so cool yet pretty at the same time!
  20. It seems like he is insistent to having some members replaced . Why is he like that!! so t-ara will be changing styles to suit the 2 new members? I love their current group and style. I guess it'll take some time for fans like us to familarise and associate the 2 new members with t-ara...
  21. Yeah, nice photos of their 'cool' side. Jiyeon looks great here! If only they can be featured in sg's magazine!
  22. Hwayoung's great! Hope we can listen to more of her personalized raps in songs in the future!
  23. Nice! 1 more wk to go before the release! Hope it'll be available in s'pore! It'll be nice seeing jiyeon introduce her photos...
  24. Hi, you were there when they were shooting the CF? so cool. look at all the fans who gathered at the side. Wish I could be there to see them in person!
  25. Jiyeoooooooonnnnnnnnnnn ah! Looking so fabulous. esp the scene of march 29. haha. keep smiling. stay happy!
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