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  1. ahhhhhh, the lucky boy who gets to kiss jiyeon and jiyeon gets to kiss him too! So envious!!
  2. awesome! nike can consider making them ambassador for upcoming run. It's like a international women race. we have a 5km run here in s'pore too!
  3. Pretty much Jiyeon! Love the 2nd and 3rd pic! her smile is so natural and lovely!
  4. This is so cool. It includes all full mvs of cry cry and lovey dovey and the full making of the mvs! Hope it's available internationally! loves jiyeon in here!
  5. This is great! Super looking forward to their self made video. it'll be nice seeing them interact causally and acting naturally! Now that DH2 has officially ended, Jiyeon can finally take a break!! Same for the other T-ara members!
  6. T-ara never forget to spread their kind and love to people around them and those in need. Ur actions make us proud of you gals! Fighting fighting!!
  7. Yeah! 7 together always! Have an enjoyable time over in Europe! You all deserved it! Take more pics for us fans to see! =)))
  8. hwa young's pose abit awkward. perhaps, she doesn't wanna block hyomin's golden leggings! soyeon and boram looked tired! Jiyeon looks pretty as always! Congrats gals!
  9. Jiyeon!!! Having the time of her life by striking that pose! hahahaha. muacks!
  10. Nice addition to the musical! These gals must really take care of themselves and prepare for the super packed schedule. Hope they can have another breather. and hope these 2 musicals will be available for sale in dvd! I wanna watch!
  11. The first 2 pictures bring out the youth in her once again! I really wish DH2 has more episodes so I can get to see more of jiyeon!
  12. jiyeon will definitely be happy! He is one lucky person. How many guys dream of being mentioned as jiyeon's ideal type?!!
  13. The photos are really great. I personally like the 2nd picture. Seeing their close ties is really heart-warming! Hope to see the 7 of them hugging one another. so sweet. Yeah, we are nearing the release date for the photo album!
  14. This is so DAEBAK! It's good considering she had a role in 3 songs in DH ost! and having sing a full song on her own is even better! Jiyeon fighting!
  15. What's the link between taking t-ara to another level by 'replacing or adding members'? Can't they just do it through other ways instead? Please don't remove any of the current members! As long as they don't kick out any, that's the most important thing!
  16. I hope no one leaves the group. They are good as they are right now. Please maintain the status quo and hopefully it won't affect their preparation for the concert and fan club. Really no idea why they are doing this when they are reaching a new peak!
  17. Yup, appreciate if someone can sub this video in eng. Thanks!
  18. the gals must be looking forward to this day since they are always busy with promoting their albums and works. Though it's barely a week, I believe they will utilize it to the fullest! Hope to see them recharged and filled with vigour after the break. As for jiyeon, press on! Less than 3!
  19. seems like DH2 is unrolling new songs throughout the show! good job. wanna hear more of the new work for DH2 ost!
  20. Is the song titled together? and sung by jiyeon and jb? A new release for DH2 song?
  21. Awesome girls! T-ara is really a good role model for us! Beautiful girls with a big big heart! LOVES
  22. what a lovely sight when eunjung shared her ice cream with jiyeon! they make the audience drool when they indulge in the ice cream!
  23. I was wondering when they will release this and I happen to chance upon this post. 1 more month plus to go before the release. I hope that it will be available for pre-order for international fans! I want a copy of their photo album!!!!!!!!
  24. I like the last photo where they were pictured in the carousel! so bright and lively. when is the photo book going on sale to public??
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