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  1. just the thought of attending an iam/ionnalee concert https://t.co/NZLHdImSvn

  2. @GabeHonorato eu quando começa off to the races https://t.co/XsXFnjWUnE

  3. huh https://t.co/tAbpg1XhuT

  4. estruturamente genérica, mas até aí

  5. luna is skinny. xxxx blue lives

  6. rodando igual a leticia spiller no programa da ana maria braga ao som de susanne sundfør: reincarnation

  7. gay padrão é um lixo em qualquer lugar do mundo né meu deus do céu eu fico sem acreditar

  8. @goldentriangIe yeah i nearly had a heart attack when i saw f(x) and then

  9. spa night, on the beach at night alone and call me by your name: check

  10. Poetic Beauty: JAEHYUN 재현 https://t.co/fU8eQTrdfu via @YouTube

  11. RT @bjork: Blissing Me - coming tomorrow. #björk #utopia https://t.co/9HI7YzPIhw

  12. oh wanna dance with somebody. i wanna feel the heat with somebody https://t.co/2jwohsb0oa

  13. it’s halloween (almost) https://t.co/ZbsJOvCA0m

  14. cellbit não é aquela marca de computador? tô perdida

  15. the day red velvet's automatic get the worldwide critical acclaim and sucsess it deserves is the day i happily leave the earth

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