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  1. Less smiling Eunjung again!!! WHY??? T___T I hope she is ok....

    Why didn't Eunjung sing the high note live...i don't know but it sounds like the MV, i just wonder why she did not sing it live in Music Bank and Music Core today as well.....and they didn't even show her in her high note part...=((

    On top of that, great performance....the new outfits are awesome.... the back-up dancers wear MJ outfits LOL ^^ black and white.so stunning.......and the J-fans, thank you all so much

    STILL BIG WORRY TOWARDS EUNJUNG >"< is it possibly because of the lawsuit.................??? :(

  2. See that silence did nobody any favors. They not only paid the price with a halt in group activities but it pretty much trickles down to each member too. Why nobody lets the girls address the issue publically so everyone can move on, is beyond me.

    I think you are right, a conference (should include Hwayoung I think ) to clear the situation should be made..though it's late until now, but it's better than nothing. if things go on like this their Sexy Love comeback cannot get good attention. it's so bad after all the suffer T-ara has gone through to endure the silence and the criticisms from the media. SBS, MBC, KBS, they are starting to consider about T-ara now, it's not their faults worrying about the ratings and stupid comments from netizens, but this issue is taking a very ugly turn..........What can T-ara do, they can just keep silent and wait for decisions just like what they did during the brokeout of the controversy and Eunjung's helpless silence for her FF role...this is not right at all, T-ara cannot voice their opinions nor protecting their rights in such situation... !!!!!!!!!

  3. I hope Eunjung will not be mentally breakdown!!!!!!!! Who could ever withstand in such situation. I got almost choked up for the whole day thinking non-stop about the incident... i wonder how bad and devastated Eunjung is feeling right now..

    OK, it seems official that Eunjung will leave Five Fingers...after such a bunch of news it's impossible for another article to come up and says " Eunjung will still a lead member of FF cast, don't take the yesterday news serious;y because SBS and production team got crazy" !!!!! >"< they dont want Eunjung to affect the drama, now it's they taint the drama with their own hands. FF cannot has good rating because of this. And who cares about such advertisment during the movies!!!!! Such a shameless move.

    Great news is that T-ara will comeback in the end of August. I might cannot see Eunjung on the silver screen for the time being, but i cannot stand seeing her gradually become invisible like Boram, Jiyeon or Areum. Will wait for T-ara comeback. It will take a lot of time for T-ara to gat back to where they are but they will succeed if they keep moving on.

    All I wish now, to the craziest as I can be, Eunjung goes back to FF. But just the most important is for her to overcome this...BE STRONG EUNJUNG.... :(

  4. Okay, so let me get this right...

    Eunjung isn't even in Five Fingers from the start? I thought she had a lead role.

    Also, what's with this character concept thing? Do you think they changed Eunjung's character due to her scandal? What if they made her a villain now or something?

    This doesn't seem good to me.

    EXACTLY. What if they changed her character because of the scandal? Maybe her character had an innocent concept and now they'll make her bitchy or something. And I can't believe she doesn't join the show until episode 5. I think she should be in from the start... Eunjung is a top star.

    Well, Five fingers starts off with child actors so of course lead actors and actress will come later....Eunjung is confirmed for this role as the lead from the very start, and through the prescon + the interview I believe her role and character as Dami (as the sweet little Dami in the first two eps so far) is very pure, talent, optimistic and sweet and strangled in the love triangle which is very important in this makjang rich family drama like Five Fingers. Eunjung role is indeed, a protagonist. :)

    I just wonder about the character issue. As a drama like this has the script not fully-written and some parts, it could change. I hope they make good development for the whole story because if Dami role evoles well and recieves a lot of love from the audience, Eunjung would be too. I strongly believe in her acting!!! Just ALL SHE NEEDS is A ROLE THAT IS IMPORTANT TO THE WHOLE STORY, MEANINGFULL AND MEMORABLE. :wub:

    Eunjung role as Dami is very complicated as I know. She will be in the love triangle with both the sons of a makjang family, and ChaeSira who is the sons' mother seems to have something to do with the death of Dami's father...And EJ's character Dami will fought her way to achieve her dream and love as discover the truth about her family...SO DRAMATIC :wub:


  5. good time to leave???!!!!!!!! In terms of all the issues in the past few weeks no one will think this is a good time. All people believe this is because if T-ara controversy.

    This is really sad. Though Eunjung can have some time off, I guess she would feel really sad too, as Jangwoo is not only her "virtual husband" in WGM, he is her friend and she once said that she was happy to have someone like him who always by her side. And they cannot have a good farewell episode, hix..T__T considering Eunjung is really really sad as we can see in her prescon, her goodbye in WGM will be just....oh my lord, I cant imagine it, how sad they would be.....

    Eunjung ahh, Fighting.... :( :( :( :( :(

  6. Eunjung did great. Very politely and poise she showed great effort in the drama with also respect to the other cast.

    Obviously she will not answer the questions on T-ara matter. This is the prescon of a drama. It will be a disrespect to the other cast of she gave answer to the questions, which might go with no end. Those reporters think this issue can be solved in one or two answer???? Seriously >"<

    I'm sad that she looked so tired and weak. She can't even smile like Hyomin two days ago. T__T hope she is strong enough to continue filming in good health condition, her role is very important though.=)))

    And she mentioned T-ara !!!! That's the greatest thing to know that they are in contact and continuously cheering each other in this whole difficulties. T-ara always stays as one, and forever will !!!!!!!! <3

  7. [120814] A Thai Queen’s meeting with Hyomin after 1000th Man Press Conference

    ตอนแรกคิดว่ามินออกไปแล้ว แต่ที่จริงยังไม่ออกไปค่ะ. ตอนมินเดินออกมา มีแฟนคลับ ฮ่องกง 2-3 คน กับบ้านฮโยมินิดอทอีก 3 คน แอดมินก็เดินเข้าไปหาพร้อมให้ถุงของขวัญ และบอกมินว่า มาจากไทยแลนด์ มินดูตกใจมาก คนฮ่องกงก็พูดเหมือนกันว่ามาจากฮ่องกง เหมือนมินพูดอะไรสักอย่าง ประมาณว่า มินรู้ว่าที่มีคลับต่างชาติมารอ เพราะตั้งใจมาดูคอนที่ยกเลิกไป และมินก็ร้องไห้เลย คลับฮ่องกงก็ร้องไห้ แอดมินก็เริ่มน้ำตาไหลเหมือนกันค่ะ มินก็มาจับหน้าเช็ดน้ำตาให้ แล้วก็กอด แอดมินก็บอกมินว่า เข้มแข็งนะ ทุกอย่างจะผ่านไปด้วยดี สู้ๆ! ตอนนั้นพูดภาษาอังกฤษออกไปมั่วมากสติหลุดค่ะhttp://tl.gd/irdupc

    Eng trans.

    At first I thought I came too late to see her but it wasn’t like that. When Hyomin came here, there were around 2-3 Hong Kong Queen’s, Hyominidot fanclub, and including me. I walked towards to give her some gifts and told her I’m a Thai Queen’s. She looked so excited and said something just like she knew there were a lot of int fans coming to Korea for the already cancelled concert and felt appreciated. Then she started to cry and all of us also cried too. Hyomin took her hankerchief out and wiped the tears from my face as well as gave me a hug. At that moment,I didn’t know what to say anymore, just keep saying pls be strong, everything will be better, fighting!

    Credit @T_araTH

    Hyomin be strong....there are lots of people who love you and support you and T-ara all the way. Just fight on, Hyomine !!!!!

  8. I thought Hwayoung came to Infinite concert before this controversy happened

    Really confused!!! I dont think Jiyeon's mother would reveal any information regarding the famous "internal conflict" within T-ara. All what she had said is the trans above which is neutral and have no connection with the situation....

    Hwayoung must be in pain too. (she stops tweeting as well though she is no longer T-ara members) I just wish somehow she could clear the situation a bit by defending T-ara...but she is KKS's victim whatsoever ~__~ and the netizens might not trust her words...

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