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  1. RT @shiberrie: unpopular opinion: it's better to have a small fanbase full of true fans rather than a huge fanbase full of war freaks, prob…

  2. omg so cuteeee ??? https://t.co/vHClg8hUDR

  3. @realdefnik @rac_alisson

  4. RT @ongpabo: Guanlin really loves his Seongwoo hyung ??? Why are they so cute, it's so natural like Guanlin does all the time <3 https://…

  5. RT @crystylecatcher: 1st generation x 2nd generation UNITED CUBE https://t.co/yqKLAqceQV

  6. RT @ongpabo: Ong's "Saranghae-ong~" instantly added 10 more years to my life span https://t.co/GM2hCjUfWJ

  7. RT @HIGHLI5HTS: Is Junhyung's "소나기" the new favorite song on rainy days?! ☔ https://t.co/xmfwR2ed3D

  8. RT @Semi_SweetWine: [HQ]180414 #워너원 #WANNAONE #옹성우 #OngSeongwu @WannaOne_twt The night is young and you're so beautiful… https://t.co/Brhd…

  9. RT @junxuann: love how they insert individual member screen above the main big screen in the middle. making sure everyone see the boys’ fac…

  10. RT @0hMy0ng: ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????…

  11. RT @highl3gends: the teaser alone is good can we fast forward time already i know this is going to be beautiful junhyung and jungyeol is a…

  12. RT @AceJoker4: Lights are one of the happiest fandoms because we no longer have to worry about contract renewals, unfair contracts for the…

  13. RT @0hMy0ng: Pinkeu knit boy ? https://t.co/eOe3ok5Leh

  14. RT @Gapyeonglover: 퓌융~??퓌융~??퓌이융~??? 우리떵우 엠씨데뷔 축하해?????? https://t.co/nGwkEVwpav

  15. RT @yspoka105: 당신의 포카를 모아보세요! #양요섭 #요섭 #白 #2월19일 #comeback #요섭듀스105 #포카듀스105 #comingsoon https://t.co/gB3W5dKcoF

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