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  1. RT @jpbrammer: straight people are so quick call every homophobe a "closet case" like no Karen some of y'all are just heterosexual and awfu…

  2. RT @heartlipped: 170422 baby red riding hood #나연 #Nayeon #TWICE https://t.co/0Gf7DJVf1d https://t.co/lhefO8jZxs

  3. @nayeonbot they give each other a lot of xxxx (cora ragging on the krogan's history & drack ragging on her Thing for asari) lmao

  4. RT @COCONUTOILBAE: friend: i need some boy advice me: https://t.co/nMLsCLrQyc

  5. RT @earthisquaking: why pre 2010s girl groups were highkey the best thing to happen to pop music: LET ME TAKE U DOWN MEMORY LANE

  6. @jnghoon they'll prob post the rest of the profiles tomorrow or smth (wonder how many surprise stage names we'll get then lol)

  7. buuuuuut i am also meh about the thought of buying rottr, mirrors edge and ac syndicate again ?

  8. RT @mingeongs: #PRISTIN https://t.co/Yw3VxNsKPC

  9. @dujourmeans w o w. play the game boy.mp3!!

  10. (this is messy but only applies to things that need effort/actions to reinforce, such as not being racist)

  11. .@CNN don't call it "trumpcare" stop tripping over yourself to enable this man

  12. i'm still in a fire emblem mood so tlist what are your fav fe ships

  13. RT @littleglissant: Help Haitians, not the Disaster Capitalists https://t.co/U4hSKQd6Xf

  14. RT @palmchanel: you are going to STOP isolating yourself and calling everyone lame. you're the lame one you dry phoned xxxx https://t.co/i…

  15. it looks so beautiful i'm emotional

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