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  1. !! @k0nnichiwaneko @carcharias_11 https://t.co/UaZ07mX2th

  2. This is just mean tbh https://t.co/w2Q3KSElV1

  3. I'm watching the new eps of busted and I'm just. Lol what the xxxx.

  4. @shorichimaru also happy birthday!

  5. RT @carmenmmachado: Hi, everyone. I'm about to make a PSA thread about a thing that happened to me recently. It's very embarrassing, but I'…

  6. @xxxx reminds me i need go log in and reloan

  7. @winterb1iss yamapi trying to be thug... Oh lord

  8. @safetypinjewel @Sleevesofnickel WOMP priorities

  9. Anyway I just got home and I'm going the xxxx to bed

  10. they just brought back out that pyeongchang figure skating montage and my eyes leaked a lil

  11. @chananacakes lmao dude I cannot dye my hair crazy xxxx in my line of work if I don't want to get teased by old white dudes for weeks

  12. @k0nnichiwaneko literally everything is terrible

  13. RT @philiplarkin: Just spotted a cat on someone's porch, miaowing to be let in. Without thinking, I walked up to the door, rang the bell, n…

  14. RT @aoafreak: Suzy is honestly so sweet!! A Muslim fan brought her a scarf as a present & suzy asked to put it on and was so respectful and…

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