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  1. "Midas touch"? More like devil's grip. This literally looks like them signing a contract with the devil. In the beginning, KKS angers me, but now...he scares me.
  2. I'm not saying I completely believe the article, but it does bring to light a bit on why T-ara members were tweeting about determination. And Hwayoung saying that alone is not enough. So if I look at the article, and the tweets, I'm guessing maybe T-ara and/or staff wanted Hwayoung to perform even though she was injured. So the conflict might of been about that? If so, then this isn't really them bullying her, but having a fight/disagreement. Because it's T-ara (except Qri) vs Hwayoung, it looks like they're bullying her. My point is that I still don't think T-ara ever bullied Hwayoung....I just can't see it. About Hwayoung acting like a top star...I just can't see that either. Who's wrong...who's right, I won't make any judgement now, and will still continue to support them both. But....this is really turning ugly.
  3. No matter what KKS, T-ara, or Hwayoung, herself, will say about the bullying or lack of it, people and antis will probably never believe it. Seems like it's easier for people to believe that others can be so cruel rather than be nice. I've been following T-ara for almost 2 years now. It's hard for me to think they were bullying Hwayoung after seeing all the interactions between Hwayoung and T-ara members. "Maybe" Eunjung, Jiyeon, Hyomin can fake their emotions since they know how to act. But I can't see Hwayoung faking her smiles whenever she's with T-ara. No one even thought about bullying until those tweets. I don't trust KKS, and probably never will. But I do or maybe want to trust T-ara. I probably look naive/gullible to all. *shrugs* But what can I say...I'm a fan. A confused/stressed out fan.... Sigh, it's sad to see Hwayoung leave like this. She's one of my favorites, after Hyomin. I'll continue to follow her and T-ara. After all that's said and done, being a Queen's is stressful, heh. Makes working look like I'm on vacation. sigh...
  4. They asked T-ara what they do for summer vacation. Hwayoung: i go to the beach/sea with my family. Eunjung: Camping with her friends. Hyomin: Make and eat papingsu. Then they made a trivial question on what papingsu is. Answer was kakigori, japanese shaved ice dessert. Hyomin says papingsu is Korean's kakigori. (their version of the dessert) And Explains the toppings for it: sweeten red bean paste fruits rice cake ice cream I've eaten kakigori before, and it's really delicious. Interested in trying papingsu/patbingsu, they use a lot more toppings for it.
  5. I could barely watch ICGBOY MV because of the camera changes... Now they added flashes to their MV? OTL From the few dance scenes I've seen, I think I'm liking the dance choreography. I really need to see the practice video. As for the flashes, maybe KKS thought it was a good idea to have a photo shoot and filming the MV at the same time. "It's cheaper, and save time...how bad it could be?" sighh (x_x)
  6. It's hard to see Soyeon singing in her condition. I thought Areum was added to help take the burden off of Soyeon. Yet the minute she's added, Soyeon gets a sore throat and still have to sing her lines. Wish KKS would step in and stop Soyeon from performing. "Don't Leave" wouldn't be the same without her, but why risk worsening her health for just one performance. Fans would understand if she rested that day. I love hearing the fanchants during their perfomances. While we might not be as big as other top groups, we're just as passionate. Hehe, I thought this too.
  7. For Day by Day, I think I still need to get use to the dance choreography. I was enjoying the close-up shots of the member's face more, heh. For Don't Leave: Add 2 new members = (´−`) hmm, ok Add 70-person orchestra = \(≧∇≦)/ can they be permanent too....? I have a thing for classical instruments, heh. I love both songs, and have only these two in my playlist, hehe. I usually don't care for awards, but I do hope they win some. They're probably at a disadvantage for having an emotional ballad during the summer season, instead of the light/pop/catchy type song. But it's so damn good... As for Areum, she can rap/sing and she's pretty so I'm happy about that. Personality and chemistry with other members is a big thing for me so hopefully we'll see that soon on a variety show. Although I still think she isn't necessary for T-ara, I'm okay with her addition to T-ara. First let me say that Hwayoung is one of my favorite other than Hyomin. I love her personality and looks, but music-wise, I always felt that she wasn't necessary. I mean Eunjung and Hyomin are great rappers. But this album changed everything for me. For the first time, they have done a exceptional job utilizing Hwayoung. Boram and Qri is next...right? Right?? I know Don't Leave was pre-recorded, but was Day by Day done live? If so, then Adobe must have finally created a way to photoshop in real-time. Everybody looked perfect. AHhhh, so beautiful. (♥‿♥) Great songs. Great comeback. Perfect Group.
  8. Literally, she's saying, looks like Hwayoung's face have a strong feeling. So probably means she feels that Hwayoung have a strong/tough personality. Hope that made sense. I can usually understand what they're saying. It's just hard for me to put it in words. My English is almost as bad as my Japanese, haha.
  9. I also think Soyeon can cook, but just chooses not to. In Hello Baby, I remember her being the type of wife that would rather hire a maid than to cook for her husband, hehe. Here's a translation of the reason why Eunjung was picked for the second question. Soyeon said, "Eunjung doesn't sleep at night." The MC wondered how she spends her time. Hyomin replied, "Cleaning, Cleaning...she cleans. She's always cleaning up." The MC says, "Well, that's a good thing for the members, right?" Then he finds out that Eunjung only cleans her area, haha. Nice, Eunjung! d=(^ワ^ )
  10. My Japanese isn't the best so if I'm wrong or if there's a better translation, please correct me. Never studied Japanese so I can't read kanji, heh. When T-ara picked Jiyeon as the worst cook, Soyeon said that because she's still a kid, the taste is a little weird. Hyomin quickly fired back, "Out of all of them, you (Soyeon) can't cook." * (rough translation) Soyeon retorted, "it's not that I can't cook, I just don't cook." Ok, this next line is basically me guessing since I can't read the kanji, but I think I'm right or close. If only they speak Japanese, instead of Korean. OTL Soyeon also said, "have you even seen me cook?" Hyomin replied, "You don't even cook/boil ramen!" Edited: Realized there were more parts to this scene...here's the rest. MC asks, "(Soyeon) can't cook?" Soyeon says, "I don't...I just don't cook." Also added, "Hyomin never saw (me cook)!" Hyomin replied, "No, no way (you can cook)!" Soyeon coolly says, "I just never cook!" ╮(─▽─)╭ Then Soyeon confidently says, "If I make something, it should taste really good!" (⌒▽⌒) * I'm guessing she means that even though Jiyeon knows how to cook, the taste is awful...which is why Jiyeon is the worst cook. Whereas Soyeon doesn't even know how to cook.
  11. First question was "who's the scariest member when angry?" T-ara members picked Qri, hehe. Then they asked T-ara fans who they think is the scariest member when angry. Hyomin won. (╥_╥) Since she was picked, she had to do a punishment game, where she had to do a sexy pose. I would have picked Qri. She seems to bottle up her emotions a lot. Seeing her snap might be a scary thing. Second question was "who oversleeps/sleeps in the most?" T-ara members picked Eunjung. Last question was "who's the worst at cooking?" T-ara members picked Jiyeon. I hope they do more shows like this. It's hilarious.
  12. I've watched the MV a few times now, and here's what I've noticed/learned about a post-apocalyptic world: With so many dust/dirt everywhere and smoke/smog from buildings/factories, it's nice to know that there's cleaning agents available. Too bad it only works for clothes and motorcycles. Photo cards of girl groups are still available. You can still have your nails done, and look fabulous on this dead planet. There's an abundant supply of eyeliners. And my favorite...weapons act differently in a post-apocalyptic world. There's nothing special about a katana. One handed katana VS one handed nunchuck = (・- ・) Bladeless sword apparently gives you the strength of Hercules. One handed bladeless sword VS two handed katana = щ(゜ロ゜щ) Although I've made fun of certain scenes, I love this music video. This is by far my favorite MV from a kpop group. I loved the songs, and the story of the MV. Can't wait to see Soyeon act in part 2.
  13. So happy, I want to join in... (づTДT)づ T♔ARA Right now, this is one thing I wish they never say. Since their comeback is in a few days, it can't be help, but I hope they take it easy from time to time. Like many others have said, They deserved the all-kill. And I hope more good news will soon follow!
  14. Can't blame Jiyeon for kidnapping a loli Dani.
  15. What does airplanes, cars, and waiting rooms have in common for T-ara? Places where they sleep. Apparently, their dorm is just a storage area. OTL They don't seem human to me. How can anyone live on 3 or so hours of sleep a day? Sigh, I worry for them...
  16. T-ara sees their fans worried about their health. Asks for a vacation. KKS: No, stop being lazy. T-ara sees the confusion/anger of their fans about the addition of new members. Ask for reconsideration. KKS: No, Soyeon needs help. T-ara feels bad asking for money from their fans after 3 years of no fan club. Ask for refund. KKS: That's a great idea! But I'm not paying for it. Stay classy, CCM. OTL
  17. Hitting replay will not make the teaser be any longer. Only took 50 or so views to figure this out. OTL Definitely a great teaser! I want more.... (╥_╥)
  18. Here's another source. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwKANnm34aY source: baabshap @youtube
  19. Wow, 1st in digital sales! I'm so happy for them, but what about physical sales...? I always wondered how come their fan base isn't as large as other top groups. I mean... Great singers - especially with Soyeon One of the best looking girl group - especially with Jiyeon Great actresses - especially with Eunjung Great variety skills - especially Hyomin, Soyeon Great personality and awesome fanservices Known for the hardest working group Having many hit songs, one after another In my "bias" eyes, T-ara seems to be the perfect group. Skills in many areas so everybody knows them, apparently good songs since a lot of people download them, and diverse/loveable personalities so it's hard to hate them..... What makes them so different from other famous groups? Oh yea, their company - especially KKS. OTL Dammit (/゚Д゚)/ 彡┻━┻ /end rant, sorry T-ara deserves more love.. Anyway, Congratulations to them!
  20. Love seeing them play games. With all their hectic schedules, it's nice to see them having fun. If anyone is wondering why Boram isn't there. I'm guessing this is a prerecording from around the time she got acute gastritis. The MC basically said she wasn't feeling well. I'm hoping it's a prerecording..... Oh wait, their hair color is normal...haha, I'm an idiot.
  21. Here's two more vids. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnoqzQIoKI4 cr: ming5367 @youtube cr: hyomdot @youtube I'm really liking Qri, Hyomin, Jiyeon's eccentric hair color. The others is pretty tame, but nice nonetheless! After viewing Hyomin's fancam, I'm starting to wish they do a krock/jrock song. Want to see them play rock instruments with those hair style, hehe.
  22. This reminds me of a variety show where they asked each member what's their ideal role. Hyomin said: Subs: Diadem Subs After hearing the news about getting the lead role for a melodrama, I'm sure her reactions were: I hope she does get her ideal role. Love her smile.
  23. This is what she twitted last week. I didn't really understood the picture or content of the message until I saw the video. Had no idea she was holding a wind chime, hehe. I really want one. OTL [TRANS] @b89530: welcoming summer, I saw a jingle jingle horror thingy http://twitpic.com/9tsbix cr: MyT_ara @twitter
  24. She definitely have a unique personality, hehe. Everybody did the standard fireworks + goldfish drawing. Things that were different: Eunjung drew flowers and the color of spring. Soyeon and Qri wrote their name. Hyomin drew a huge eyeball.
  25. For me, she looks badass. Wearing all black holding a katana. She have that look that I'll get stabbed if I come any closer. And Hyomin isn't helping me get rid of that image with her pulling out the katana. I'm curious what the other members will look like. All will be in the mv, right?
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