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  1. i'm not surprised. it was either they drop from the concert or one of their other activities. I guess this was the other one. I rather it happen this way and more rest for our girls.
  2. Qri, I love you! you look like an angel T__________________________________T
  3. Qri and Jiyeon! Qri's legs are so long in these photos. i know she's tall, but they look so much longer in these photos for some reason.
  4. wow no love for the international fans. not cool!!! I wish they'd stop using T-ara to promote this new group. not only does T-ara have to work to make themselves popular, but they have to make some other group popular as well?
  5. LOL at Qri and that sign! Eunjung's photo looked really good. where did they find the twins with the bowler hats?
  6. idk what i just read, but Qri looks so amazing in that photo. I think i have to go back and read the article again ...
  7. Eunjung! Please don't cry! utjima! why do they make her carry so much cash and in one bag? that was foolish. I hope Eunjungie will feel better with the other girls around her.
  8. OMG this is soooo stupid! why is KKS being this way!?!?
  9. OMG MY GODDESS!!!! I'M DYING!! youre so gorgeous that you should be illegal.
  10. Jinwoon looks fantastic! and Jiyeon looks good too! I really like her bowler hat.
  11. They're so bighearted! our girls have a lot of love for everyone! I'm so proud of you!
  12. Ironnyyyyyyyy! Wow, what a bad name to name the project. but at least our girls are going sightseeing. Makes me less angry now.
  13. VACATION!>!?! Thanks CCM! finally you do something good for our girls! I hope they dont need to claim that insurance money because that would means something bad happened to our girls
  14. T-ara! Qri! Hwaiting!

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