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    QriQri got a reaction from glazella in [12.04.15] T-ara giving away a limited edition photobook for people to name the new seven-member girl group   
    wow no love for the international fans. not cool!!!
    I wish they'd stop using T-ara to promote this new group. not only does T-ara have to work to make themselves popular, but they have to make some other group popular as well?
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    QriQri reacted to CitizenCL in [12.03.14] T-ara to announce possible major change in member line-up on April 7th   
    Like I said in the first article (idk, what happened to it),
    If another member is added, then I think CCM Kim Kwang Su is trying to build T-ara into SNSD. If he can add 6 to 7 to possibly 8, then what's gonna stop him to getting to 9 where SNSD, the top girl group is at. I have theories that he's fast-tracking to build T-ara into SNSD.
    If another member is not added, then it could be that sub-units are being considered like After School and how they did the Red/Blue/ and Orange Caramel. It was interesting to see them try new genres, but After School hasn't really gotten back together after splitting up like that. Now, they're just not as relevant and when people don't see you, you fade fast. If Kim Kwang Su is going into this route he has to be really careful to keep them together, unlike what he's done with Co-Ed. They went into 5dolls, then SPEED, but we don't see signs of Co-Ed coming back together.
    Last possibility is that we could see solo debuts. This would be really awesome like how Big Bang did it. They had individual ones, then GD & TOP came out and we hear a fresh new sound that we couldn't hear in Big Bang. I could really see a Soyeon x Eunjung collab or some kind of suave R&B sounds.
    Seriously though, Kim Kwang Su, whatever you're planning, PLEASE don't mess up T-ara as a whole.
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