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  1. I hate that blanket! I love every photo, but I hate that god friggin blanket!!
  2. They performed? Nice, looking forward to a VOD of it. Soyeon looks amazing
  3. Better try this later.. But whatever I experience, I'd like to say good job to the devs.. Now I'm looking forward to a visual novel type game
  4. Queen's OP. Seriously.. No matter how divided we are at times.. There will always be one thing we will always agree to.. These girls will always be in our hearts. I am proud to be part of this fandom
  5. I have no words.... but I can't press "Post" with less words than these... but know that I have no words for this set of pics.
  6. O M G. Seriously... stellar performances every single time. IGCBOY still makes my hairs stand on end, Dangerous Love's edgy choreo, Super gorgeous queen Soyeon, Jiyeon rappin in SL.. Life is dang good. TY to the uploader.
  7. Sounds catchy, and could pass for an anime opening or something, definitely looking forward to it. Especially since I love their "higher pitched" japanese voices.
  8. The dance was indeed nice, and the song is ok i guess... but please, please if they're gonna do a stage perf somewhere... wear something different. Thanks
  9. Such a legendary moment when they reformed and shoutd "konbanwa, T-ara desuuuuu" always brings a tear to my eye
  10. Downloading this for future viewing... or wait for the subbed release? Oh well.. why not both? Thanks for the upload
  11. Eunjung's hair.... That's it.. now i can die happy.
  12. OMG OMG OMG. The final image is so awesome. Totally looking forward to this one.
  13. Hip Hop and T-ara, nice. If those clothes are any indication of what they will be wearing, I'll try to cope with the excessive amount of clothing and still like it.
  14. Insta download for me... T-ara and water is a combination made for greatness
  15. This is both good news (because Areum yay!) and bad (because no Soyeon, boo). But eitherway, any content from T-ara is ok with me, I'll watch it, buy it etc... when I get the chance. I dislike the fact that CCM mentioned Hwayoung, I mean, can't everybody just move the eff on from this, and just stahp mentioning her? She's keeping quiet and living her life now, I wish they'd respect that. I'm willing to bet that the mention will cause more negative shiz than good. Anyway, I'll look forward to this.
  16. Absolutely awesome intro. This is one is a bit shorter than the rest but its still very sweet.
  17. I'm supposed to move to Nagoya on the 13th... Why o WHY didn't we move sooner...
  18. The intro alone was enough to send me into a fangirling state. And the scene of her highness with her new usagi doll, priceless
  19. Poor Soyeon... although this incident much like the others before all stem from one source... themselves. They know that they are under watchful eyes in their own land and yet they continue to potentially mess up their own careers because of reckless sns usage... We can all sit here and blame CCM (because honestly, why the hell not) but the fact remains that these are their own acts, decisions and carelessness. They should know by now that their management is about as good as managing them as I am flying without any use of special tools and vehicles, so slip ups like these are kinda stupid at this point. Having said that, I actually think that they should just forget it and just go back to using SNS regularly... they aren't learning how to use it responsibly anyway, their company isn't gonna get better at PR and lets face the facts, korea will NEVER look at them the same way ever again anyway, haters will always hate and people already have this big B word in place before their group name when they think about them. Cut your losses and just reach out to the fans who actually care about you... Which probabaly wont ever happen because apparently CCM is a big collection of management pros.
  20. Thanks for the fancams and thanks for linking them. Very tasty xmas treats for us PS: Soyeon is so gorgeous... (duh)
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