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  1. Omo omo omo :X ah, daebak.. This comeback got a lot of MV to watch.. Best comeback ever XD
  2. They're back... the kpop Queens are baaack i know they'll be fine even the rumour hit them so bad
  3. tiaradiadem jinjja daebaaak, i don't know any better place to find t-ara info..
  4. looks like halloween costume party to me.. btw, i still don't get this, is the mv second part from the day by day mv or what ?
  5. geez, this is awful, i really hope t-ara moved to another agency..
  6. a robot dance?? ah, daebaak, can't wait can't wait can't wait, gimme the time machineeee
  7. The best job isn't about money, is about how you can enjoy your job without pressure.. Dancing without pressure..
  8. Nine are too much... Better make a new group.. Sigh..
  9. Comeback jinx kekeke what kind of injuries she might have? Hmm..
  10. whoa, 70 humans on the stage... can't imagine it... can't imagine...
  11. Detto13

    Day By Day (jiyeon)

    Ah, don't bite your lip dear, just let me..
  12. T-ara is really good on action movie.. Sigh, i hope they gonna make this into real drama or video game hahaha
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