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  1. it's okay if T-ara had a new member, but please don't remove or replace any member... don't make the saddest thing in the world KKS..if T-ara add 2 member again, it's been a hardest thing to reorganize the dance and vocal again...
  2. ryu twins ..they are main rapper in her groups,,is so attractive videos.
  3. health is imprtant for T-ara.so focus in the music i think is a good deal for them.
  4. so cool, i'm so excited..i can't wait the video on youtube..
  5. why not all the members of T-ara play in that musical?? T-ara is Roly Poly and Roly Poly is T-ara ...
  6. this is a bad news for fans,please don't replace or change any member.the purpose is for him self not for T-ara !!! T-ara is not going lazy but they are got another activities not just sing...Think again KKS !! Don't make a stupid decision...
  7. i'm so envy with people around there,eunjung so close...
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