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  1. This story doesn't make sense the number shown in the capture is 101,130,670 (101 million) not 1 billion or 1,0113,067,000 (10 billion) as the story says.
  2. Why is the drive through sign pointing at a house?
  3. i'm pretty sure the host is (formerly?) of kpop group Chocolat so she does know t-ara and may very well have met them at some point.
  4. Any word on whether this series is gonna get subbed?
  5. far too much chris brown for my liking. and if that's the best part of his rap he's done a really half arsed job. (assuming he is capable of something good)
  6. are the subbed princess diaries still going up on daily motion?
  7. wow boram looks so confident and comfortable with herself, she's really grown. I remember when she barely said anything. Though i think that can probably be said about most members
  8. You can see them weirdo crayon pop fans in the audience. I really hate those guys, shouting them stupid chants at their guerrilla events so loud you can't even hear the song.
  9. I'm loving amber's jumper, it'd look terrible on it's own but somehow she makes it look good.
  10. I thought everyone in the entertainment industry had to always say "we don't respond to rumours" so the press couldn't work out what deals were made by processs of elimination. I don't understand what their agency were doing by replying to this, other than throwing a hissy fit cos they're not being offered as much work as they previously were.
  11. i'd almost given up coming here, i was so tired of constantly hearing bad news T ara fighting!
  12. i don't get it. First they say they're not gonna do any acting so they can concentrate on music. Then they say they need to give members more time for other activities. Does this mean jiyeon is leaving to become a full-time actress? Really hope it turns out ok. My hearts breaking just thinking about what might happen.
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