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  1. Dear brain, I need to stop overthinking.

  2. sometimes when I look into your eyes, I pretend you’re mine, all the damn time. ? #delicate

  3. RT @holdmybeerlol: Hold my beer while I hang by the escalator. https://t.co/H8D6favFWO

  4. RT @jayakabajay: Pasangan yang ideal itu ialah yang bisa menerima masa lalumu, mendukungmu penuh saat ini, dan membantumu untuk menjadi ora…

  5. A rare sight, snow in Shanghai. #winterscape https://t.co/WYJhPcP8vu

  6. RT @saputraroy: gaya sosialita. dompet solaria.

  7. Apa adanya! ?? LUCU!! #AtunKejepitTanjidor lol https://t.co/IKzw8rz8Ni

  8. 圣诞快乐 ? https://t.co/CEYx7jEnC3

  9. RT @id_magma: Timelapse video of Sinabung volcano eruption early this morning. The ash plume reached about 3000 m above the summit. Wind is…

  10. RT @TaylorSwiftMore: TAYLOR LEFT US SHOOK WITH THIS INTRO https://t.co/nnLc5wcz7m

  11. RT @PopCrave: You can now stream Taylor Swift's album #reputation on all streaming services. Stream it on Apple Music here: https://t.co/c…

  12. RT @Sister_Bettina: Never forget the Norwegian butter crisis of 2011 https://t.co/NkdxbU3NPs

  13. RT @makemac: Yuk Unduh 6 Wallpaper iPhone X dan Foto Hardware di Dalamnya! https://t.co/xTuMcOnUSu https://t.co/klpSbzh6lP

  14. RT @makemac: Incar iPhone X, Pemeriksaan Barang di Bandara Soetta Diperketat https://t.co/YGQp32N1tm https://t.co/ZEMakuUmKL

  15. THIS IS EPIC!! #ReadyForItMusicVideo #reputation @taylorswift13 https://t.co/wILNhYYmUb

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