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  1. RT @dorkyuri: best holiday part ?? https://t.co/HCkZy9K2Xd

  2. RT @GirlsGeneration: #GirlsGeneration '#HolidayNight' #TIFFANY #GIRLS6ENERAT10N https://t.co/qjXo1QIGaK

  3. eh sumpeh ?? nong poy https://t.co/ItbznO1kZw

  4. RT @PopCrave: 'Blank Space' by Taylor Swift now has over 2.1 BILLION views on VEVO. It's her second video to achieve this. https://t.co/slD…

  5. RT @BuzzFeed: 25 people who need a new Taylor Swift album yesterday https://t.co/OUibUWeflc https://t.co/PufzpIVakm

  6. @tantochen ahaha hashtag #akubukankambing

  7. RT @BabyAnimalPics: he's so squishy https://t.co/m0WYkQxLlP

  8. RT @jokoanwar: Saya ikut Republik Indonesia. Anda? https://t.co/1OVOnGAhJO

  9. touchdown Hongkong! https://t.co/7dmEwP0zrc

  10. kmaren dia mampir SW kak *ngunyah salad* https://t.co/H9zT1ouuBr

  11. lol ? #TeamTay https://t.co/JbDnoXwBIH

  12. RT @9GAG: Artist Illustrates The Derpy Nerdy Relationship (By Hpolaw) https://t.co/sGfDoAHCZ1 https://t.co/J3z0nK3Zfy

  13. 金峰大厦2007 @bmod_innovation https://t.co/LbLwg2fG6X

  14. RT @digembok: Jadi gini... masalah tenaga kerja. Jangan asal jeplak https://t.co/MVDIx6w9G8

  15. TRON: Realm ? #ShanghaiDisneyland https://t.co/SDVXzmVuRQ

  16. breezy shanghai.. https://t.co/D5dYE88tA9

  17. RT @musicnews_facts: 2 years ago, Taylor Swift released her Grammy Winning 5th studio album '1989'...One of the best selling albums of the…

  18. RT @sylvkartika: Kok sedih ya, buat yang sering go-food, this is another perspective from driver. Huhu :( https://t.co/dEwRqYwSRK

  19. RT @chikoism: A life lesson: if you're an Indonesian and other country wants you, JUST DO IT ✔️

  20. Perks of slow internet? We are forced to practice patience.

  21. @CalvinHarris go get her back dude! #tayvin

  22. gitu dong semangatnya #yolo https://t.co/V9LPKkDN0h

  23. #SebuahRasa by @agnezmo #OnRepeat @AppleMusic https://t.co/gk4dRxTKUc

  24. RT @tantochen: Happy Sunday

  25. @tantochen cwonya sih yg lebay

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