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  1. RT @jokoanwar: Whenever I think the world is so unkind, I will always see this video to know there’s hope. https://t.co/OboU4xxPrY

  2. hello again #Hongkong

  3. #ToyStoryHotel ☁️ https://t.co/xEmLsUzf5h

  4. ..and my flight got cancelled

  5. RT @PopCrave: Amber Rose defends Taylor Swift after being seen with Tom Hiddleston: "I think she's f*cking awesome." https://t.co/Wz66JxzSnn

  6. RT @PopCrave: Prayers for those injured by the suspected explosion reported at Pudong Airport in #Shanghai #PrayForPeace https://t.co/tjnd0…

  7. egg benedicts #healthyeats https://t.co/aV8gudvym9

  8. RT @TSwiftLA: The Bad Blood music video premiered one year ago! It won a Grammy for Best Music Video & has over 877 million views! https://…

  9. RT @GirlsGeneration: #TIFFANY #IJustWannaDance Music Video https://t.co/8KGHRkLACv

  10. signed! https://t.co/TWvNbUWJLf

  11. blood runs cold #badblood https://t.co/q6sZR78Dxi

  12. I bet it sucks to be you right now.

  13. vicky shu.. baru tau gw hahaha :D RT @levichrestella: @bilgaga artis siapa bil ??

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