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  1. Hpy B'day Jiyeon !!!!

  2. T-ara Forever !!!!

  3. Hpy B'day Soyeonie.. Soyeon Jjang.. T-ara Jjang..

  4. Day by Day, i'm more in love with T-ara !!! T-ara is the best !!!!

  5. all song are amazing.. especially Keep Out.. I hope they are soon to promote this song in Japan can't wait their performance.. Jewelry Box really daebak.. this album will be successful.. T-ara is the best
  6. congratulations girls.. i hope this success will continue in first album "Jewelry Box". so proud of them.. the next i think yayaya, roly poly, & lovey dovey will receive certificate as well.. T-ara is the best..
  7. wooow.. she so talented.. singer, dancer, actress, director, fashion designer.. T-ara is very lucky to have her.. she showed her love in fashion and of course it will be succussful and populer..
  8. wow.. thanks for sharing the nice pictures. they are so charming & lovely , like a real princess.. Jewelry Box will be successful, as expectations.. fighting Girls !!
  9. congratulations for released the official fanclub.. let's join Queen's.. 70.000 foreigns fans indicate that they are really amazing.. T-ara is the best
  10. this is a reason why i like them <3 they have a kind heart.. i hope you always success :rolleyes: T-ara Daebak !!
  11. Jewelry Box and Solo Concert.. i think this year will be Daebak for T-ara & Queens :wub: :wub:
  12. this is a reason why i like them <3 they have a kind heart.. T-ara Daebak !!
  13. can't wait the video.. i was happy they got a holiday in europe :lol:
  14. this is a reason why i like them <3 T-ara Daebak !!
  15. 7-ara forever.. don't distrub the existing formation.. they have showed success with Roly Poly, Cry Cry, Lovey Dovey.. they never lazy, i think Mr. KKS can't think wisely :unsure:
  16. thx for sharing this performance :) they're busy promoting Lovey Dovey in Japan..
  17. i think they not only talented in singing, but also in acting. especially Jiyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin & Qri..
  18. Finally a fanclub of T-ara.. Queens hwaiting.. proud to be fans of T-ara !!! :D
  19. i hope this rank can be no #1.. T-ara is the best.. can't wait Jewelry Box.. i hope this album will be successful.. T-ara hwaiting !!! :rolleyes:
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