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  1. while there is life , there is hope ^^

  2. ah i myself prefer them to comeback in korea ~ and also i wish to see jiyeon n eunjung in new dramas in 2015 but it was imaginable since they have gaining more attention from chinese , malaysian , .. fans ^^ i hope they can recieve more success during next year fighting queens ~~
  3. Yaaay it is so nice to see my favorites are gathering together ~~ does anybody know if qri and hyo friends ?! I did'nt know that !
  4. my coOOool 6-ara jiyeon looks very cute with this new hair style n also others ! thanx for sharing these nice pics ~~
  5. Haha the name *N4* remembers me *F4* in drama ¤boys over flowers¤ Maybe the female ver of them~~ ! Anyway, its a goOd name^^ I like everything about T-ara
  6. These concept photos are driving me crazy And also hyomin.. Looks realy eye cathing Cant wait to see my favorite N4 : eunjung
  7. Cant wait to see that! The name of song is funny, and a little weird! I wish the best luck for them, Though Im still disagree with elected members and I think it was not a goOd time to make a sub-unit!
  8. I feel happy and sad both about this news! Happy cuz this sub-unit includs jiyeon, hyomin and eunjong. As we know, they are the most popular members in t-ara. So their chance of success is high + this situation makes a good chance for ahreum to show people her abilities! Plus, I feel bad about this cuz I dont know what will the other members realy do while the sub-unit members are busy for their own activities.. I think maby kks put 3 others aside and neglect to them I think its unfair that they pay attention to a new member who is joining t-ara since less than 1 year more.. Isnt it?? Plz dont be angry at my comment.. I support all the members.. but Im just sorry for boram, qri, soyeon. They never had chance for showing their real abilities
  9. They are realy funny I cant stop similing when I look at those pics! Specially that funny pic of hyomin and areum. It looks realy real!!
  10. Why i think the other girl is eun jung?! Anyway, Qri looks realy nice as always Tnx crazy^^
  11. Congratulations to our girls and queens all around the world^^ Hope this year will be more successful than ever! ( but I still think they deserve to have a better positon:( dont they?!)
  12. All are soOoo bright! Boram unnie, she is driving me crazy!! LoOks so cute with this hairstyle^^
  13. thanks for translation It realy makes me happy that hwa finally spoke something promising about this subject.. hope after this tweet all the peple dont blame T-ara mpre
  14. sigh....... stupid people they dont even know who is culprit.. so how dare they do this???? why are girls still silent ?!
  15. they all sim so cute woOw .. there were a lot of pair of shoes in the picturs.. i think they want to wearing them in their concerts! thanks for sharing these nice pics
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