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  1. RT @itsjoelpimentel: Tour with much more dates coming soon babes. ?

  2. RT @americatv_peru: ¡#PaoloGuerrero va a Rusia! Hoy el país recibe con mucha alegría y emoción esta gran noticia porque por fin podrás cump…

  3. @kconusa @younghollywood More boybands aghhh. I want TWICE , BLACKPINK, APINK

  4. RT @shadzbebs: Yeah TWICE is Overworked...BUT T-ARA was SUPER-OVERWORKED....talked about KILLER SCHEDULE...this is T-ara's Killer Schedule…

  5. RT @NICKIMINAJ: Performing on the SEASON FINALE of SNL w|the legendary TINA FEY on May 19th. ????

  6. RT @soka_Queens: Hey new kpop stans here is what you missed https://t.co/rTaYMg7hU4

  7. RT @kconusa: [#KCON18NY] All I Wanna Do! Wanna One! #WannaOne is ready to hit the east coast at KCON 2018 NY! #Boomerang https://t.co/pKD8t…

  8. RT @TheIncredibles: Spring break is great, but summer is going to be Incredible. #Incredibles2 https://t.co/r1gENj0M1r

  9. RT @ScarletGruber: Gracias por todo mis amores ??♥️???

  10. RT @CNCOmusic: _________V O T E__________ #CNCO #BestBoyBand #iHeartAwards

  11. RT @Cpt_Fantasy_nn: I don't even want Boram, Qri, Soyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin and Jiyeon to use the name T-ARA anymore. The group name isn't wh…

  12. RT @SHINee: https://t.co/mToVVpNfkn

  13. RT @SBSPopAsia: With increased public support & their first music program win in over 5 yrs, things are looking promising for T-ara. https:…

  14. RT @melocat46: A night full of tears all of us cry for a moment that we missed alot. T-Ara's win on a music show after 5 years ;') #티아라

  15. RT @ThisOldGuitar1: We did it with T-ara? We have nothing to envy in this world? We should reunite in 2018 with 6 T-ara and Queen's? https:…

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