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    JohanaUS_Tara reacted to Anchang in [13.10.06] Fancam HD - T-ara "Number 9" And "Sexy Love" @ Dream Concert   
    new song is awesome!! *_* I want to have the whole album *_*
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    JohanaUS_Tara reacted to Princess Pril in [SPAZZ] Let's Trend the T-ara Comeback day on October 10!   
    Queens! Let us trend the T-ara Comeback day on October 10 to show them our support and love. In every different countries!
    T-ara! Fighting!
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    JohanaUS_Tara reacted to aleya in [13.09.10] Fancam HD - T-ara 2nd Japanese Tour "Treasure Box"   


    Dangerous Love


    maybe maybe


    beautiful sniper


    love suggestion


    apple is A

    two as one

    do we do we

    sexy love

    bunny style

    Why are u being like this

    Cr : オッパ T-ARA , qyoku kim , hyomdot @ youtube

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    JohanaUS_Tara reacted to nur hidayah abdullah in [13.09.05] Latest Info - T-ARA 2nd JPN Tour ~ Treasure Box coming to DVD/Blu-Ray Dec 2013   
    deabak. woah, sooo excited.but dec is too long. hurm, just can't wait to see their solo stage especially eunjung.
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    JohanaUS_Tara reacted to Renata Silva in [13.08.26] T-ara's tears have become Pearls   
    makes me so proud reading such mature words
    I pray that we, T-ara and Queen's, will stay around for a long long time cos we are so strong.
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    JohanaUS_Tara reacted to josiexjo in [SPAZZ] Hyomdot photobook US bulk?   
    Does anyone know if anyone is doing an USA/North America bulk buy for hyomdot's photobook? i'm thinking about getting it but the shipping is so expensive /sobs
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    JohanaUS_Tara reacted to Adiprasatya in [13.08.16] Video HD - Princess T-ara Ep 18   
    Next Week will be Self cam . i'll always waiting for..
    This episode is very nice about concert
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    JohanaUS_Tara reacted to t-araGO in [13.08.15] Latest Info - T-ara to perform with other CCM artists in Mongolia   
    Wow a concert just for CCM, they should've done this sooner!
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    JohanaUS_Tara reacted to mojaslatka in [13.07.29] T-ara to release special summer song on August 1st with Davichi and Skull   
    So that hint from Fve Dolls MV newspaper"soon T ara's beginning" was really the hint. But knowing KKS, it wasn't paid attention. I love this surprise. 2 more days.
    I hope it will do well in the charts so that they will make some live stages.
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    JohanaUS_Tara reacted to asian_kisses in [13.07.29] T-ara to release special summer song on August 1st with Davichi and Skull   
    I know. I am already on the hunt for the cd myself. Crossing fingers I am able to find it.
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    JohanaUS_Tara reacted to grimangel07 in [13.06.15] Quick News - CCM project group will promote "Painkiller" on music shows next week   
    looking for ward to it!!
    Would be nice if Jiyeon was also there doing some acting while the singers perform
    Soyeon, Eunkyo, Yoojin, Taewoon and Sungmin Fighting! Painkiller Fighting!
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    JohanaUS_Tara got a reaction from vancew90 in [13.06.10] T-ara, 5dolls, SPEED, and THE SEEYA to form a project group together   
    OMG Jiyeon and Soyeon ehhehe , This will be a great project
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    JohanaUS_Tara reacted to bankudonku in [SUGGESTION] Diadem Shop   
    We have merchandise in the works already^^
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    JohanaUS_Tara reacted to qridoesntcare in General Forum Rules   
    Tiaradiadem Official Shoutbox Rules
    We want people of all ages to have a safe, fun time on Diadem. Using our shoutbox is a privilege and all Diadem staff members have the right to suspend you from using it should they feel you are breaking the rules.
    Listen to the moderators. If they say you're doing something prohibited in the shoutbox you must stop what you're doing.
    01. Do not cuss.
    - Do not try and get around the filter we have in place to prevent cussing.
    02. Please keep the topics in the shoutbox RESPECTFUL.
    - Keep it family friendly. Don't discuss drugs, sex, or illegal activities. Do not disrespect T-ara or other artists. (This includes perverted in-depth discussions about body parts.) Treat every member of shoutbox with respect. RACISM/HOMOPHOBIA IS ABSOLUTELY NOT TOLERATED.
    03. Do not share or ask for download links (including torrents)
    - This includes audio, video, software, firmware or any other media prohibited by copyright.
    - We've been through a lot together and T-ara is still fighting, so do not turn every single rumor/post by an anti-fan into the end of the world. It's good for your health too.
    05. We encourage the use of English as the main language of the shoutbox
    - However, other languages are okay, too. Use your best judgement and be considerate of other users.
    We encourage you to:
    Help out with anyone who is having some problems. (e.g problem logging in/finding pics) Be friendly, don't ignore or talk to just one or two people. Include everyone when you are starting a conversation. If there is a new member, welcome them and encourage them to read the rules. Also direct them to T-ara content that may help them love our girls even more! (Dream Girls, Hello Baby, etc.) Remember, as a Queen's on T-ara's largest international fansite, each and every one of us are representatives of what it is to be a T-ara fan. Always be friendly, helpful and respectful!
    Global Moderator
    Tiaradiadem Forums
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    JohanaUS_Tara got a reaction from tara4evar in [INFO] T-ara N4's Jeon Won Diary now available on iTunes. Go get it!   
    I download I REALLY LOVE IT!!! T-ara N4 Fighting
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    JohanaUS_Tara reacted to tara4evar in [INFO] T-ara N4's Jeon Won Diary now available on iTunes. Go get it!   
    The album can now be digitally bought on iTunes. Go downloaded, rate it, and leave it a good review!!
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    JohanaUS_Tara reacted to migger in [13.04.30] T-ara's "Rural Life" reaches 1 million views and it's composer explains the lyrics   
    Great comeback, what else there's to say?, the only "bad" thing is that it isn't a full-length album with 2 CDs and 24 songs with a Blue-Ray 4k and on a limited box autographed by Jiyeon, but still it's quite a solid single, 5 stars man, 5 stars all the way.
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    JohanaUS_Tara reacted to danohio in [13.04.19] Video HD - Princess T-ara Episode One   
    I agree they act rather childish, almost idk... silly. Boram and Soyeon look so cute, really like their outfits. Following Areum and Hyomin, but my bias Jungie.... meh.. I don't know. Look rather butch style, something else would suit her a lot better. I find that cute outfits rarely fit her. Not sure it she picked it (fashion terrorist) or they made her take it.
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    JohanaUS_Tara reacted to @Eunjung4eva in [INFO] Darkbend's rant about N4   
    Its refreshing to read something like this once in a while. Hell, I would have been definitely pissed of like there's no tomorrow if Jungiee werent a part of Sub-unit but I wouldnt have fall as far as wishing our own girls to fails. Also, being disappointed is one thing but I dont think and believe we fans should always honey-coat our words. There are time when we would strongly like to express such things. While I am happy for Jungiee as high as heaven, I really feel pity for other three as much if not more. Given that, the 3(EunJiMIN) are the most popular figures and they are trying to promote new face Areum but its definitely unfair to other three who doesnt have much time as an idol and their growing age isnt helping them at all..
    Though I may have joined this fandom way too late but still I care about the name T-ara as much as rest of the members here if not more. I think T-ara is the fandom with most weak bond but at the same time, the most strongest oneas well. We are strong because We were/are together through out the whole controversy. We face all haters/antis together staying as one"Queen's" but we are weak, because we fight among ourselves. We dont have unity nor that positive attitude to handle the achievements of individual members. While we should be happy for the success or achievement of T-ara even if it were an individual member, we behave exactly opposite. Rather then being happy for those who achieved something, we complain why the rest didnt get anything. And this criticism is to all of the member of Diadem or any other Queen's including me. Like I said, if Jungiee werent a part of this unit, I bet I would be the one to create most fuss here.This post is one of the best by any rational fan and I really respect the original poster/twitter who is Darkbend.
    Couldnt agree more with it..
    EDIT:I'm writing this because everyone suddenly wants to act all "industry-expert"-like and keep shoving their own "opinions" down other people's throats...
    Like I said, there are times when fans want to express their thoughts/views/opinions strongly regardless of being positive/negative or neutral so if anything, I disagree with this statement of your's. Other than this, You nailed it mate!!
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    JohanaUS_Tara reacted to daebak^^ in [13.04.09] T-ara's hip-hop unit.. Hyomin caught shopping with stylist in Japan   
    hahah! i really love Jiyeon Hyomin and Eunjung wear hiphop like costumes.. i'm looking forward for Ahreum.. I'm hoping for the big success.. Queens lets support this... omo, Hyomin is really the fashionista of the group.. i can't wait ... !!!! by the way, what's the sub-unit's name???
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    JohanaUS_Tara reacted to vervainify in [13.02.07] YeIn E&M's Apology about Eunjung and Five Fingers   
    It takes almost 6 months to state an apology letter..sigh. What can be done. The damage is done. Hope this will be a lesson for the other companies so they won't easily accept rumors and kick someone out like a boss without mercy =='
    But then again, this industry is indeed harsh.
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    JohanaUS_Tara reacted to Regius in [13.01.28] T-ara to make a Japanese comeback with バニスタ (Banisuta)!   
    Cool. Though this technically makes it their 'first' Japanese album (as Jewelry Box is more of an EP, with a lot of remakes).
    The approach is something I didn't expect. Thought it would be nice to do different versions of a song (TTL or Cry Cry) but with different sub groups singing for each version. But the idea is good - introduce sub groups as well as showcase individual skills. But it poses a risk too, as song selection is critical (match with whatever the singer can do). In any event, let's hope they would be successful -- go out and support the girls.
    PS: though from what it appears this will be mighty expensive. Better scrimp and save...
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    JohanaUS_Tara reacted to Elienore in [13.01.22] T-ara Soyeon's agency, "Just friends talking about friends, not celebrities"   
    Well, everything was explained this time.
    Fast and reasonably too.
    Did CCM get a new PR boss or something?
    Meanwhile, I doubt netizens will believe it, but its nice to see such a prompt reaction.
    Also, that Sso picture is awesome.
    Kinda odd to casually gossip with each other on a public place, which Kakaostory thingiemajingabob apparently is.
    EDIT; Fixed something.
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    JohanaUS_Tara reacted to T-arafan1230 in [12.12.22] Video HD - T-ara on Nihon TV Happy Music   
    boram made me smile so much when she was trying to act sexy XDD
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