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  1. i just completed the game and everthing is awesome. t-ara characters are so cute, jiyeon who stucked in the laundry machine, boram who stucked in the cake , soyeon who brought them a cake, eunjung who lost her rilakuma , qri who need help in make up and hyomin who save them. so dorky ! the rilakumma eunjung lost was unique kk no wonder she doesnt want a new one xD also,thank you for everyone who work hard to bring this game for all the queen's. *appreciate*
  2. tis is the most terrifying news in my life. OMO WHY T-ARA!!!!! WAE WAE WEA T-ARA WAE?! t-ara is perfect enough i dun get it y kks must change. smtg wrong wif him?! make us and t-ara suffer cz he wanna earn more money?! wth man
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