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  1. Why ppl tend to comment before making the thing clear? You are messing up the thing,so I rather you keep your mouth shut.

  2. At this moment, concert being postponed is not that bad. Since it gives time to both T-ara and those fans or antis to settle down everything first. Such a good idea. Omg, I'm so regret that I didn't purchase the showcase ticket. Hopefully there are antis who don't want their tickets and can sell to me
  3. Diadem, I believe all of us are real Queens here,so together we stay still and wait for T-ara's return. When the day reaches, we will rejoice like our family members returned to us.
  4. I think not only T-ara members are the toys of KKS, Queens are his toys too. He must be happily seeing fans became antis and broken heart of every T-ara members. KKS, if you keep doing decision without thinking well, just broke the whole T-ara, I'm sure that they will still shine in music industry even they are separated.
  5. I'll not watch "Five Fingers" if Eunjung being removed from the cast. I got to know Five Fingers because of Eunjung, there is no point for me to watch the drama without Eunjung. Eunjung ah, please stay strong. Although the antis are trying to make the situation worse, but I don't think they can beat you down, because you have us who really love you.
  6. Social media always seem good in connecting people, but it also the sharpest weapon to break any relationship.

  7. Dear antis, if you want the refund for your concert tickets. why not sell to us? The tickets are precious to us as a well as T-ara.
  8. Luckily they remain Eunjung as the cast, if not I'm not going to watch the drama, since I knew the drama because of Eunjung, and I was loging for the drama because of Eunjung too
  9. #3rdAnniversaryTARA T-ara사랑해요Day by Day; You are my One & One
  10. It's ok, I was too tension about this twitter incident, that's why I didn't write clearly. Anyway, good to have people who has the same thought with me *shake hand*
  11. What I mean was the girls should be mature enough to solve their problem (over the twitter incident). The problem was created by them, they should solve it by themselves, not any third parties.
  12. In my opinion, this incident should be foreseen when CCM added new members to T-ara (either Hwayoung, Areum nor Danne) Idols are also human being, they have weaknesses like all of us. For us as ordinary person, we do argue with our best friend and boycott someone among the group of friend. T-ara stay together most of the time, problem and disagreement might arise from time to time. Just to say that, disagreement or argument not as bad as you think, it might be a way to speak your heart out to others. CCM, if you want to get the bad incident solved, you shouldn't blame anyone or the twitter account (you think account being hacked is a good reason?). Let the girls solve the problem by themselves, I think they are mature enough in solving their own problem.
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