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  1. #QueensAreProud let's trend it worldwide...Let's go
  2. ★M COUNTDOWN Current Rankings - Mwave http://t.co/pSXXgkHpor

  3. <내가 뽑는 올해의 K-POP STAR> 올해의 K-POP STAR로 T-ara를 투표하였습니다. http://t.co/DwTqLqu2

  4. While we do not know T-ara? Reporters were taken and do it, why do you not understand?

  5. La tu em da tinh - Ho Duong Lam by Sala Sala via #soundcloud http://t.co/Lfe1UA3O

  6. #Twitition Verify the account of pjy1234 (T-ara Park Jiyeon Twitter Account) http://t.co/wgPElvR0
  7. I'm really angry and disappointed with the news today that you have posted!I'm a V-Queen's of T-ara!I would like to express my thoughts!

  8. We love T-ara and We are against those who want the dissolution of T-ara: JUST SIGN AND SHARE ! http://t.co/pabtJtQB via @change

  9. Happy #3rdAnniversaryTARA ! T-ara jjang! T-ara hwaiting!!!

  10. Taeyeon SNSD vs Soyeon T-ara. Vote for the best! - AsianPopcorn - http://t.co/kT1g2gQI

  11. I want to review the show hello baby! Mavin truly lucky, he got a sweet kiss from Jiyeon. Dino really loves children. I feel a little jealous of Mavin. When Mason three brothers grew up, they see the clips and photos with the Omma T-ara, they must be proud to receive love from the Ommatalented and beautiful. And best of all are the kiss from the prettiest in the idols. I loveT-ara
  12. I want T-ara with seven members: Boram, Qri, Soyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon, Hwayoung. #7araAsOne

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