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  1. I did not assume that she was bragging abt the trophy...i was juz wondering why they gave it to her since she didnt really worked for it.And yes i understand its a risk,and of course she's doing fine with KKS taking care of her.T-ara has stated that they will not form sub-units,and the k-government is tightening up the laws abt underage entertainers,that is why im worried abt the future concepts...(but it's kks so who knows).Its purely MY OPINION that i find the fandom hard and difficult.of course you are entitled to have your own opinion.
  2. I completely AGREE with you.The reason i became a t-ara fan was because of their mature concepts (cry cry especially) not because of BPBP LOL.i am a girl and cute concepts never appeal to me at all....so i am pretty much worried of their future concepts.In my opinion,Dani should train more and debut at a later time (and in another group if possible)She needs to improve her korean too.I am sure people would accept her more easily when she is older...*sighs* its so hard being in this fandom... Well said scatter....I AGREE what you said wholeheartedly.
  3. LOL why give it to Dani,its not like she worked for it...Tbh i get nightmares when i think abt the concepts t-ara would do after she joins...sorry still cant get over the fact that an underage girl will possibly ruin t-ara's future....
  4. Although i feel hyped and excited for the mvs,i couldnt help but feel disappointed at day&night with ahreum as the only t ara member singing it....*sighs....* cant wait for sexy love though....>.
  5. OHHH GWADD NOOOOO~~ T.T I am sure they were kidding around on twitter... KKS juz made my day much more worse than it was zzz :angry:
  6. Uh-oh....This is bad...I am going to be soo worried in the next 2 days... Hopefully it is not bad news...T.T
  7. Yes maybe...but like what stewardLG said.... wasnt this supposed to be 7-ARA's concert?
  8. Why is dani tagging along?she hasnt even join t-ara yet...
  9. Why is dani tagging along? She hasnt even officially joined t-ara yet....
  10. Wow boram,hyomin and jiyeon's expression are so epic lol.thx for sharing
  11. I dont really like the dance in day by day....=.= its awesome to have a robot dance for i m sure it will be a hit like the shuffle dance.am anticipating sexy love~
  12. Wow it looks awesome..I cant wait for this episode!!!!!
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