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  1. who is he ? the 2nd pictures makes me curious.
  2. hahaha ... 1st poster so funny. the nicknames is also so awesome. We have grandpa and grandma. lol. Eunjung is da boss. and Soyeon is da Queen. Can't complain about that. Nice
  3. blessed me ... i'm so crazy right now seeing my princess in that dress. So beautiful indeed. Love all the way for you, T-ARA
  4. omo. Li Yiu Fei.... Both of them are gorgeous and beauties .... Angel
  5. Good fanservice from Hyomin for the outfit at red carpet. *thumb up* I can't wait the complaining and the raging k-netz had right now. And i agree with u, photo of all 6 as whole is so much better.
  6. The ending performance was awesome. I love it. At last i can see our girls singing in english, and they quite good.
  7. First showcase event .... they have 1st concert last year and now showcase. Daebak. can't wait for the fancam ....
  8. OMG ..... I'm speechless watching this too much beauties our princess has offer. * nosebleed*
  9. hahaha ... she must be deadly tired. adorable.
  10. I don't like it. I prefer the original song if T-ARA want to perform with. I think this song remix is good to enjoy if u in some dark place ( club for example ). Watching our girls performs with this remix, do sing and dance, I only see "chaos". Anyway .... congrats for T-ARA becoming a winner on this SBSAF . Good job to the QUEENS for making this great thing happen. * thumbs up *
  11. OK .... i feel weird. hahaha. Ussually we heard fanchant from fangirls, but now it's coming from fanboys. It's ok , but unfamiliar for me, that's why kinda get the feeling unpleasant here. That kinda remind me about to asking something about this. " Does anyone know since when T-ARA have their first fanchant ? " . So far, i heard them first fanchant when they were promoting IGCBOY . Does they have it before that ? I'm curious because this kind of fanchant is so popular . As I notice , Apink / Girls Day / etc got something similar too.
  12. DAEBAK !!! Great song, funny choreo dance, best visual view display. All of that conclude in great performance from our princess today ( new concept : Dorky - cute style ... hihihi ). I knew this song will suits well for our princess, cause it's very similar with their style. T-ARA is being humble and respect when they start entering chinesse market this year. By remaking a local song that famous and wellknown is great first step, they're not forcing their promotion with korean song that translate into chinesse. So, I hope with this song our princess can gain recognizing and popularity in china. And they will make chinesse song album too in the future. And i can't wait to see them performance in black dress outfit ( bowling arena in MV ) T-ARA FIGHTING
  13. Hahaha ... the MV is so hilarious . Twice the original chinese song MV. I love the nosebleed scene part, it can't get out of my head. ( I'm afraid i will have nosebleed too if I see T-ARA in personal up close .... lol ). The MV is good , funny, and enjoyable. Now I can't wait for the Dance version MV for this song ( if there's any ... hope so ) The song is good too, suits for T-ARA style. This song is T-ARA's "ticket" to entering Chinesse market, so no wonder if they playing safe. Choose song which famous and familiar among chinesse , to gain recognizing is good marketing strategy. The way T-ara sing the song in Korean/Chinesse is also understandable.
  14. This is good interview. i discover the new side of them, especially in their music style. I always find their song is great, catchy and enjoyable, that's why the reason i love them in the first place. The only girl group k-pop i love. But now, i just found that they have "signature' in music style ...... i don't know about that before ( phew, feel bad cause i'm such bad fan ) Anyway keep fighting T-ARA , keep bring us the joy and love with your music.
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