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  1. These audiences are so rude!! They really need to grow up and stop being so immature. T-ara does not deserves this. I hope HK Queen's and Malaysia Queen's can show T-ara that they are still loved by their International Queen's on their upcoming showcases. I really wish that i can go to the one in HK. T-ara fighting, Queen's fighting!
  2. I cant stop myself from pressing the reply button! I want more lol. Cant wait till the full release version. T-ara fighting and Queen's let show our support for T-ara by purchasing their upcoming mini album!
  3. They acted all encouraging in front of her and then finds a replacement of her behind her back what the hell!! I hope FF rating goes downhill if eunjung is not in it. Eunjung fighting, its their loss.
  4. Those sponsors are so unfair. If people aren't going to buy their products doesnt mean its going to be Eunjung's fault. It can be because of their products quality or people just aren't interested. I feel bad for Eunjung, she's probably all ready prepared to film her very first scene for this drama and then this emergency meeting happens. Whatever the final decision is I hope Eunjung can stay strong and rest lots. Eunjung fighting!!
  5. Same with everyone else, the headline of this news scared the s*** out of me. But im glad that soyeon didnt get into any serious injuries. I wish soyeon and the other staffs that was in the car accident recovery soon.
  6. I found a very short translation of the keypoint of what soyeon said about the bullying controversy by Nath's translation. ”she blamed it on herself because she wrote a tweet that became a big deal and is the leader.” ”soyeon said she’s afraid to turn on the tv or go on the internet after everything that happened” - Nath’s translation. It really hurts me to see soyeon cry and putting the blame all to herself to protect the other members. T-ara stay strong true Queen's will always be there for you. Please remember to like the video
  7. All the girls must stay strong and comeback even stronger! T-ara fighting!
  8. Could anyone who can understand korean be kind enough to briefly summarize what they are saying? Please...thanks.
  9. yeah out of those 340,000 only 10 said they will protest LOL.
  10. yeah i saw from somewhere that it's run by a 15 yr old.
  11. Yeah i dont trust this anonymous stuff anymore. These people can really become writers!
  12. Dont trust these kind of random post guys. This is just like the post where that person claimed to be an ex-dancer of Hotchicks. Also, there a petition out there for fans and supporters to go against those who want the dissolution of T-ara. For those of you who are still standing strong by T-ara's side please sign it to show your support. T-ara fighting!
  13. This wasn't something we wish to hear about. Hope Jiyeon recovers soon so we can see the complete T-ara on stage for their Day by Day comeback. Jiyeon fighting, T-ara fighting!
  14. can anyone recognize who sings that line in the teaser? just out of curiousity.
  15. Can't wait till they release the other members transformation for this mv also. Hope they will all be in it.
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