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  1. 1st episode oh Khuntoria . Then he meets her in that episode and he seemed so nervous with her.
  2. Keke Khunjung ! I've seen many runningman pictures of them together. He even grabbed her , and they are always beside each others. Nichkhun even said she was his type.
  3. I DON'T KNOW ABOUT YALL ,But I am Excited For Eunjung To Be On Running Man. ! Waiting Forever for This . Hope For Some Moments with Any Of the Guys . HEHE. Dino Needs Her Rest. Eunjung Fighting !
  4. Eunjung is the main character , because the description said partner with Joon Ji hoon . But Of course she is , have faith !
  5. Hwayoung doesn't wear heavy makeup. Even so she is still beautiful.
  6. Eunjung , Looks fierce . Hyomins position is weird though.
  7. This looks good ! Hope Eunjung is a main character ...
  8. Need more News About T-ARA .

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