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  1. [PICS] T-ara - Practice @ Japan's Budokan (07/25) Credit: Core Contents Media + yestiasr + tiaradiadem.com
  2. The Gaon Chart is the national chart of South Korea and is intended to be the equivalent of Oricon in Japan and Billboard in the United States. Check out the chart rankings for the first half of 2012 (January – June) below! < Gaon Chart National Digital Singles Ranking > 1. Busker Busker – “Cherry Blossom Ending” – 285,723,438 Points 2. T-ara – “Lovey Dovey” – 263,602,835 Points 3. Big Bang – “FANTASTIC BABY” – 261,487,164 Points 4. SISTAR – “Alone” – 253,894,932 Points 5. Big Bang – “Blue” – 251,692,639 Points 6. Ailee – “Heaven” – 246,357,100 Points 7. Lyn – “Back In Time” – 216,120,492 Points 8. TaeTiSeo – “Twinkle” – 209,737,735 Points 9. 10cm – “Sorrow” – 199,838,791 Points 10. miss A – “Touch” – 189,995,898 Points0 < Online Downloads For The First Half of 2012 > 1. T-ara – “Lovey-Dovey” – 3,338,408 Downloads 2. Big Bang – “Blue” – 2,985,936 Downloads 3. Big Bang – “FANTASTIC BABY” – 2,855,955 Downloads 4. Ailee – “Heaven” – 2,836,564 Downloads 5. Lyn – “Back In Time” – 2,710,524 Downloads 6. Busker Busker – “Cherry Blossom Ending” – 2,700,716 Downloads 7. 10cm – “Sorrow” – 2,487,262 Downloads 8. SISTAR – “Alone” – 2,440,653 Downloads 9. miss A – “Touch” – 2,432,180 Downloads 10. Dynamic Duo – “Without You” – 2,221,683 Downloads < Online Chart – Streams > 1. T-ara – “Lovey-Dovey” – 26,322,941 Streams 2. Busker Busker – “Cherry Blossom Ending” – 25,862,218 Streams 3. Big Bang – “FANTASTIC BABY” – 25,713,089 Streams 4. SISTAR – “Alone” – 24,625,292 Streams 5. Ailee – “Heaven” – 24,551,542 Streams 6. Big Bang – “Blue” – 23,063,308 Streams 7. IU – “You & I” – 21,273,096 Streams 8. HyunA & Hyunseung – “Trouble Maker” – 20,721,759 Streams 9. 10cm – “Sorrow” – 20,453,791 Streams 10. Lyn – “Back In Time” – 20,279,464 Streams ***** Source: http://www.allkpop.c...st-half-of-2012 Credit: yestiasr @ tiaradiadem.com
  3. Pretty girls... I love their outfit and color I love red… and Eunjung fav color is red, right ?? Congrats to Areum too. Notice that singing skill improve… Never drift off… Good effort! Eunjung never surprises me with her shining beauty. Love the outfit so much...
  4. T-ara fighting! Beautiful clothes too… The best from T-ara!
  5. I´m sure Areum is Eunjung´s fan. The poor girl is always next to her, looking at her. I don´t blame her, but Jiyeon can get jealous. I would like Eunjung blackhair, but it´s fine like this, she looks so beautiful.
  6. Looool It’s Idol week! I love that among all the idol girl groups member, RM choose to go to our Eunjungie! ♥ They could’ve gotten Suzy instead, she’s the hottest ‘IT’ girl, But it was EJ!!! Great! She’s one of the competitive girls out there! EJ + Nick + Yonghwa will have a great advantage for their team, specially YH! He prolly is the only one who have been RM’s most recurring guest of all time, he’s practically a family! And HYUKJAE!!! Oh, how i miss that dorky face! lol. I can’t wait for this ep!
  7. Yonghwa prolly is the only one who have been RM’s most recurring guest of all time, he’s practically a family! And HYUKJAE!!! Oh, how i miss that dorky face! lol. I can’t wait for this ep!
  8. Eunjung is in her best in T-ara. But I think she couldn't remember her part in 2:43 in "Don't Leave", don't she? Correct me if i was wrong. And why Eunjung’s outfit was different from others? She wears black but the other one was white. Why? But... I kinda like that...
  9. Eunjung is a very talented girl. Someone who is so versatile, not only as a singer, dancer, actress. She can also be a comedian and an announcer, or MC, and a very good business lady when she make the biggest profit in Tara reality show. If she retires from Tara, there are so many options for her. But I think they won't let Eunjung retire from T-ara (of course they wouldn't!!!)
  10. Eunjung could have done better in "Don’t Leave". They said Areum has a strong vocal which is a great lie since we could heard her shaky voice at the beginning of the song "Don’t Leave" (but I like her rap). So I say Areum’s voice is the same as the rest unlike Soyeon’s and Eunjung’s. CCM went through the difficult way to find another member instead of training the rest of the members to have stronger vocal. I really miss Eunjung’s performance such as in “Good Person”.
  11. How can you don't want the best for them. So many charms. I love their body, beauty, talent and more...
  12. I'm so excited for their comeback, and they will sing TWO songs with that huge band this is going to be awesome.
  13. It is amazing to imagine all the energy they need when in promotion! I just loved the end of the Roly Poly video, they’re all so cute, that’s T-ara for me, the cuteness of these girls, how could you not love them?
  14. Eunjung injured herself but she’d still perform for their comeback stage... Her other schedules such as Running Man etc were cancelled though. Our baby dino’s ;____; *pray* She gets well soon!
  15. I love her hair now. Dark blue. Wow… Qri’s hair is like Sephiroth’s hair wavy version hahahah
  16. Love Hyomin's painted eyeball kkkk I wanna buy that painted eyeball. It's so wow
  17. The tiger shirt again… Eunjung really likes that shirt…
  18. Eunjung’s leg seems to have bruises/wound. I guess she gotten it during the concert practices. She looks tired too. Hope she gets some strength...
  19. Uh isn’t anyone curious as to what she’s pointing and laughing at? What was it? Isn't it because Hyomin? Kkkkk
  20. I definitely won´t accept the other two members most of all after known how they were selected.
  21. These latest updates on T-ara in Japan makes me very happy to see their growth & unity.
  22. Eunjung seems really likes a tiger… The red shirt… She really love it.. T-ara the best…
  23. Eunjung in the black and white sleeveless dress, looks like a princess… So pretty..
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