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  1. So xxxxing stressed and worried and people shouting at me and forcing me to do xxxx everyday doesn't xxxxing help xxxx

  2. @n0thax @vic_affxtionate I fear of ns leh can or not

  3. 4 more days to bookout day Bless

  4. @beadsofbullets hi could you look into my email and order #49910? elmeryapjw@hotmail.com still haven't received any… https://t.co/aLZrbaPAD0

  5. north vs vega is a shitshow HAHAH

  6. the day looms ever closer help

  7. I was just looking at some bio notes for fun and it's xxxxing 5.35 already

  8. @EspeonCat feels do you want me to gift it to u fam

  9. Hit me up with dem ancestral inheritance

  10. @n0thax dodged a bullet there m8 playin cards at the interview was a sick move

  11. ama in debt before entering ns and college 19y/o

  12. wonder how does it feel to be a paid shitposter like that intern at cna twitter

  13. Thanks to my really ???? Sleeping habits I feel really awake from 12am to 1pm

  14. I got a world superpower, I got a bigot! Uhhhh world war 3 https://t.co/FI6wSbblTL

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