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  1. I got a world superpower, I got a bigot! Uhhhh world war 3 https://t.co/FI6wSbblTL

  2. honestly q ready to give everything up

  3. Ty for rain I'll have a great night's sleep ?

  4. Just saw the goodest boy I have ever seen near the void deck

  5. Speaking of cats... https://t.co/d276SRgdWJ

  6. "The uploader has not made this video available in your country." y'all think this is a joke?

  7. Prelims start on Thursday! ☺️

  8. Wtf are these guys on https://t.co/IaSUBOGFoY

  9. @n0thax time for u to be alpha and plan HAAH

  10. the weather is not chill tho sigh

  11. @n0thax eh so are we going out this weekend can you book out

  12. siao liao https://t.co/j02vLEh8Ro

  13. taeyeon's solos are always so good actually

  14. ? https://t.co/CMLEi1aRht

  15. Adult fare ripping my ez link card apart

  16. @salutsolitude_ https://t.co/gpJYvermaP CATS ENTERTAINED BY WATER

  17. @n0thax professional UAS assassin

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