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  1. i like sapphire ver ) hyomin's so smexy i dont like jiyeon's eyes in diamond ver .__. it looks fake. anw, tk for sharing
  2. the girls r in good mood glad to see dat thank for sharing
  3. hyomin's so sexy our babies, hwayoung and jiyeon, r so adorable thank for sharing
  4. i love jiyeon outfit, esp her legging lol it makes her so sexy.
  5. Qri's so cool with her new hairstyle. EunJung and Hyomin r sexy And Jiyeon... Ahhhh... such a cutie baby
  6. hyomin's outfit is so hot and jiyeon's hairstyle really cute
  7. i miss ryan so much she's always smile thank for sharing
  8. i dont like the background n effect in this mv, it's cheap ==' btw, jiyeon's beautiful as usual
  9. my dino jiyeon she's always beautiful ;_______; and her milk skin is no joke thank for sharing
  10. just look at jiyeon's watch kkkk she's such a kid
  11. so jealious ;______; for some reason, i cant go to BKK in june ;____; hope the girls will have so much fun in BKK
  12. wat song did she sing? her voice so strong and powerful.
  13. :wacko: jiyeon ah ~ my lil dino, how cute she is and her beauty is no joke too beautiful to handle
  14. how cute eunjung is i love her hair style, so fresh and cute
  15. eunjung looks so fresh. did qri cut her hair shorter?
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