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  1. hyomin noona so cute everyone look so beautiful! T-ara hwaiting!
  2. Thanks for the gif! sweet and fun memories. love that outfit!
  3. OMO everyone is looking good there! really love hyomin noona outfit!
  4. So cute! really love the concept of Number.9 T-ara hwaiting!
  5. no matter long or short hair, she always look prefet for me! hwaiting!
  6. Really love Qri hair color! look so pretty and sexy at the same time. *melting*
  7. OMG both black and white, colored, looking good! really hard to decide which one is best.
  8. Thanks for the gifs! Qri bite off white rose that part. my tiny heart *melting*
  9. Brings back memories! jiyeonie and Seo In Young noona both look so pretty! *melting*
  10. Queen Sso, Boram dimple is just one of the cutest things, my tiny little heart >< everyone is looking good there! T-ara hwaiting!
  11. Everyone looking good! JiRam!! omo my tiny heart
  12. hyomin noona, mind share the chocolate with me everyone looking good !
  13. Pretty! black look good on them, other aside, eunjung legs looks nice and flawless, so cool and stylish
  14. love the look of the cover! so cool and unique feel!
  15. Thanks for the gifs! the red outfit is just perfect! look so elegant and sexy!
  16. wow! thanks for the gifs! love their outfit! good quality of gifs!
  17. Waiting for sub video T__T Feel so warm and sweet to see they so cheerful. T-ara Hwaiting!
  18. maknae jiyeonie eyes is so pretty and sexy! LOL poking her lips reminds me of the joker make up ​
  19. OMO! The second selca Jungie noona is so cute and pretty! nice selca as always ​
  20. Soyeon noona! my baby! eyes is so pretty! nice selca as always ​
  21. Qri noona eyes is so pretty! like a doll! the selca with toothbrush and toothpaste in her month makes me laugh harder than i should
  22. Rambo noona eyes is so cute! tiny face! love the buns on her hair!
  23. hyomin noona eyes is so pretty! nice selca as always
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