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  1. Thanks for the translation KC, wow what a wonderful interview from our girls, very thoughtful, genuine answers. Reading this brought tears to my eyes, very touching . They have been through alot and they also learned, mature alot now, I am glad that they always think about the positives and continue to work hard, give fans their best work. I am proud to love T-ara and be their fan . T-ara hwaiting, we always love you and be there to support you. Queen's from around the world always wish you the best . I hope to see T-ara members appear in more variety shows, dramas and will get invites to more functions & events. However, I also wish they can have some times to rest as well & won't get sick.
  2. They always learn about big surprise/news through fans or media, always in a rush >.<. Eunjung is a smart girl when answering interview questions, good job EJ. A little bit unfortunate abt what happened with N4, hopefully KKS/CCM learn somethinf from that event. Anyways, Number 9 hwaiting ^__^
  3. Awww T-ara is always so sweet, they deserve all the best, all the love from fans around the world. Everything they do is always for the fans and the public, who doesn't love these sweet & talented girls? Let's keep supporting & loving T-ara whether they are a senior group or rookie group, they deserve it all . T-ara hwaiting! Hahm Eunjung! Lee Qri! Jeon Boram! Park Soyeon! Park Hyomin! Park Jiyeon! Go go go . Will support & love you girls Again & Again ^___^. Number hwaiting!!!
  4. Eunjung is the best choice, her voice is awesome as a narrator. I'm so happy to see EJ got more chance to show her talent and can participate in more event . Eunjung hwaiting ^___^
  5. Awww HWE so sweet, so happy that she loves and support her dongsaengs . T-ara did suffer alot, but now they comeback stronger & better, hwaiting .
  6. Daebak news of the day!!! My Eunjung is so talented and thoughtful, always think of fans and T-ara . Can't wait for the new songs and album, ofc will support T-ara, Eunjung & buy this album. T-ara hwaiting ^___^
  7. In just one day, CCM/KKS makes such a big announcement for all groups, KKS really like #7 & the month of July and like to play with us fans/Queen's. He never learn his lesson from last year, poor our T-ara girls, they meant to have 6 in the group. Hope nothing bad will happen to them this time. SPEED is fine with 7 members and they are doing great, plz don't ruin the group KKS! And 1 member active in 2 groups, wow KKS is so inventative lol. When can we hear news about CCM change CEO or KKS retired? lol Life as a Queen's is always hard and has so many ups & downs. Anyways, always support T-ara esp. my Eunjung. Hwaiting!
  8. Poor my Eunjung . Anti and neitizens always choose to believe lies, doesn't matter how much T-ara want to explain, feel regret and apologize >.<. I always support T-ara and esp. Eunjung. T-ara fighting! T-ara N4 fighting!
  9. Wow busy schedule ahead for them, Sweet Treasure is so lucky ^^. Hope they can have enough rest, 2012 is a difficult year, wish them all the best this holidays, next year in 2013, and many years later . T-ara fighting!!!
  10. My sleepyhead angel Ham Eunjung . Everyone is sleeping but Soyeon is still checking her phone hehe.
  11. This is so sad, Qri unnie stay strong, we are here for you !!! R.I.P grandfather.
  12. Thank you PD-nim for spoke up and support T-ara & Eunjung. Antis will forever be antis & haters, they are forever stupid. They don't know how much they have hurt their own people. Idols are also human, they have feelings, they made mistake,...but they have regretted and apologized. Why treat them like that? T-ara & Eunjung didn't deserve all the hate. Those antis don't have lives and have nothing to do besides attacking T-ara, they are only happy when something bad happen to T-ara >.<. So sad reading this about Eunjung and know how much she have been hurt and 5F add more to her wound. Even PD-nim think she might do something stupid back then . I feel like crying to know this, my poor Eunjung, she deserve better. But happy that there are still many people support her and T-ara. And now they all starting to get better and trying to get back on their feet. So those antis better stop attacking them, leave them alone, go live your own lives antis. T-ara and Queen's don't need people like you guys in our lives!!! T-ara and Eunjung fighting!!!
  13. Finally, they got to attend event, they both look pretty. But I miss their bright smile back then too .
  14. SBS stop using Eunjung and trying to fix your bad image by wanting her to be in the drama, blah blah, all craps >.<!!! Leave her alone, she is just getting better. Whatever she choose, I support her no matter what and as long as she is happy, I am happy .
  15. CCM and SBS need to stop using Eunjung for PR, for publicity stunt, And making fans confused. She have been hurt so bad last time already and she just starting to get better and heal the wounds. Please treat her well, she deserve better treatments. I do hope she can get a lead role in a drama soon, but with a good crews, good producer, good PD, etc. who are fully support her and will treat her well. Eunjung fighting !!!
  16. This is good news, but I don't want to see her to work with SBS again, they have hurt her so bad last time. I don't want CCM and SBS using her name to do PR for themselves. She deserve better treatment, love and support from fans, agency, producers, sponsors, PD and the crews. Treat her well please, she deserve all the good treatment. Don't hurt her again and stop hurting her . I hope to see Eunjung in a good drama as the lead. Eunjung fighting !!!
  17. Kneitizens/haters will always hate, T-ara can never please them in whatever they do *sign*...I am excited to see this program, but also sad to see they all sad and crying like that . Hope for all the best for them. T-ara fighting!!! Don't cry, don't be sad, Queen's all over the world are always there for you girls .
  18. That's our Eunjung . She is a nice, kindhearted, warm and sweet girl. She is also very talented . Proud to stan her ^^. Thanks the PD for talking good thing about her, so true. Eunjung fighting !!!
  19. Way to go Eunjung!!! You deserves your justice. The money is nothing in this case because it's never enough to compensate for what they did to you. Your pride, your honor, your image and your reputation are more important. I will always support you!!! Wish you all the best and you will win the case to get your justice back!!! Eunjung fighting!!! SBS PD, you got what u deserve now, shame on you for treating the artist like this!!!
  20. Wow HK really love T-ara!!! HK Queen's daebak!!! So happy to see they love T-ara so much. Best wishes and good luck T-ara. T-ara fighting!!!
  21. Everyone on my TL died from T-ara hotness lol

  22. So many stuff to buy, CCM really good at robbing Queen's lol...release so many stuff at the same time just after 1 month of hiatus. I want to buy all these new release stuff
  23. MVs released, T-ara back on all 4 music shows, next is back to twitter world and filming variety shows. I miss their tweet, selca &silliness

  24. SL MV check, robot ver check, drama ver check, SL in Tokyo check.We need SL in 37 countries, SL with lil T-ara & SL Dance practice version.

  25. WOW KKS is on a roll here lol, releasing MV after MV...Haters gonna hate, what are you gonna do haters? can't wait for the MV today!!! Sexy Love fighting!!!
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