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  1. get well soon Sso, please :((. “@luv_tara: [info] CCM said: Currently, we can't know when Soyeon can discharged from hospital:((”

  2. Gosh poor Soyeon ((. Why are so determent Soyeon ahh, please take care of your health first. You are still not well yet. This accident is a serious accident, but neitizens still bashing and being harsh to Soyeon and T-ara >.<. And even said it all a set up like a drama, WTH are they even human? do they have brain? I think they don't have any conscience and brainless. Get well soon Soyeon. Soyeon fighting!!!
  3. Eunjung ahhh, why are u so funny :)))


  4. Why are all the bad things have to happen to T-ara :((? But they still be strong and wanted to continue with their scheduled activites :((

  5. OMG Soyeon ahhh, be get well soon (((!!! Please take care of yourself. It heartbreaking to see her like this. This accident is really bad ((.
  6. omg >.< “@n_athaniel: tony moly :x http://t.co/jhu66QNF”

  7. I wish their comeback turn out great! I wanted to see all of them comeback stronger and better!!! T-ara please take care of yourself, physically and mentally. I don't want to see any of you hurt like this anymore or cry anymore. I really miss you guys' smile (((. I know it will be really hard to be like the beginning, but remember you all still have fans like us here always support you guys!!! T-ara fighting!!!
  8. OMG this year is not for T-ara >.<. what is going this summer? Why is unfortunate events keep happened to T-ara???? Soyeon please stay strong, feel better. Please take care of yourself. We fans here always support you and all the girls no matter what happen. Antis/neitizen need to STOP bashing T-ara, keep bashing when there is a human life involved right now!!!! Gosh, these haters are not human, what do they want with T-ara? depressed? commit suicide?. Just STOP already!!!
  9. Waiting for the trans!!! Awww Sso leader ah don't cry, please be strong, I know this is the hardest time for T-ara and all members, but we fans here are always support you and T-ara!!! It so sad to see Sso leader broke down like this. She looks so pale, sad, swollen eyes,...it is totally different with the strong and happy leader that we used to see (((. OMG i can't imagine how Hyo & EJ will be like when they attend their pressconf, those 2 are really emotional, ahhhh. Please be strong T-ara, be strong Sso, be strong Hyo, be strong EJ!!! T-ara fighting!!!
  10. omg i missed her so much :((. “@immusicexplorer: <3 Jungjungjungjung~ <33<33 http://t.co/PnUxQZwA”

  11. Time to sleep, good night all ^^

  12. "The precious 6 members, please love and cherish them, please love and cherish them dearly."

  13. I'm falling in u, i'm falling in u <3

  14. way to go T-ara ^_^!!!!!!“@eunjong44: http://t.co/8WbMzFSK OMFG T-ara 3rd yes yes yes ^O^”

  15. Yes EJ will attend 5F press conference on the 16 :). Can't wait to see her!!! Eunjung fighting!!! @taraeunjung1212

  16. Thanks Nath. Yes finally we can see EJ. Eunjung stay strong. Eunjung fighting!!! Be safe Eunjung. Hopefully she won't get too mich pressure from the media and fans.
  17. Way to go Hyomin!!! Hyomin Fighting !!! Hope the media/press won't give her too much pressure about the scandal. Stay safe Hyomin!!!
  18. Good night all again lol ^_^!

  19. Great news, love this song . Yay EJ has a part in it too, sure she will get bash/hate from haters *sign*, but who cares, She still have us here to support her.
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