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  1. Eunjung and Hwa are different people, they have their own styles. Don't bash either of them!!!

  2. It's time to love...time to sleep lol. Good night all :).

  3. That's true but sad. This is one lesson and experience for T-ara to learn about how to deal with the media, society, fans, antis;and how they should solve their internal conflict between thmselves T-ara is really unlucky with this whole issue. I hope they all can get over thissoon, be happy again and stay strong. They have been through so much this past week. They have also suffered a lot . Wish that they knew there Re still fans like us here still support them and love them. And neitizens won't labeled them as "bullies" forever because they are not. They are just normal girls whose dream of becoming singers/actresses. They want to give the fans good music. Hope everything will die down faster. T-ara fighting!!! And to my favorite,sweet,hardworking Eunjung fighting!!! I support you!!!
  4. Eunjung ahh, you are so sweet, so pretty, so cute and lovely <3!!!


  5. Apparently, to them drink and drive/ get into an accident can't really compare to this issue lol...They are just so free, have no life, have nothing to do, so they keep stirring up this issue with no proper evidences, too sad for them. They could have prevent bullying in school, at work, etc. in general instead of keep attacking T-ara. What did they ever do to them? gosh it getting annoyed and ridiculous day by day!
  6. What now? what a bummer, why don't they turn off their TV if they don't like it *sign*, what can they get if the crews apologize to them when It pre-recorded and already aired. K-fans & neitizens really hate T-ara now. I so tired with all their so-called evidences, comments, protesting, etc. Why they keep go on and on with this, pick on every single lil thing everyday haiz...
  7. So looking forward to see my EJ on screen!!! I miss her!!!
  8. Heartbroken :((. Eunjung ahh!The final stage when the rumors began, Eunjung T-ara cry on stage - [120...: http://t.co/DJBIY5r8 via @youtube

  9. There still no clear explanation on the issue >.<, but at least KKS knew that he is wrong and failed as a CEO, and apologized to all parties involved. Hopefully T-ara members and Hwa can get over this, stay positive and come back stronger than ever. And hope that antis can stop harassing, bullying and attacking them!!! I want to see all the girls happy and have a peaceful time during this difficult situation.
  10. Happy to see this news . This is the first good news for EJ since the scandal broke. Glad to know that she has such great friends who still support and believe in her. She is the most popular one with less scandals until this one, and now she got the most hates from antis, and that's sad. But this tweet does make me feel happy for her during this whole controversy. Stay strong Eunjung & 7-ara!!!
  11. WooJung <3!!! WooJungCouple - Keep Holding On: http://t.co/3ya0T6DU via @youtube

  12. Glad to see someone say good thing for Soyeon and believe in her. I wish PD or someone from EJ 's drama say something to support EJ too, she got the most bashing and hates now, i felt so sad .
  13. More interview from KKS??? No one cares, we only care for the girls, did you lock them up somewhere to shut them up. and now you are the good one, seriously? I felt so sad for all the girls and Hwa, eps. Eunjung, she got the most hate and she is being removed from everything *sign* .
  14. Really? Why you have to apologize to this evil boss of your, Hwayoung. He is the worst CEO ever with the worst management skill, PR skill. etc. He only know how to control, threaten, bullying people and mess up everything that people have worked so hard for to achieve what they have right now and he even ruined people's dreams.
  15. OMG the news getting juicer every minute, arggg I hate CCM & KKS. I want to hear the next news is "KKS regisn as CEO/kick out of the company".
  16. So is there bullying happened? how bad are the conflicts between members? are they really mistreat her badly? were the tweets really about Hwa? etc. I guess we will never know the truth behind close doors. I seriously want to hear T-ara and Hwayoung say something instead of this crazy KKS. Why he keep talking??? everything we heard is only from KKS himself, how are we gonna believe all this? The girls & Hwa should have a press conference instead of KKS keep releasing statement after statement.
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