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  1. haha, I had to look at all 10 performances so far to see if she did this. This is the first time she did. Maybe its just Qri being extra happy, lol
  2. I thought yesterday's performance was the best but this one tops it. Finally, a sexy love performance at music core that isn't pre-recorded so you can hear the fanchants. Love the costumes, Areum was the closest to looking like MJ haha.
  3. Yay! Eunjung got rid of her "five fingers" hair and Qri decided to lose the wig. This performance was the best so far!
  4. Aww, T-ara didn't win again. But it's ok. They came in second again, just like last week. Let's hope for a win on Music Bank tomorrow.
  5. yes. lots of Filipino fans here excited about the possibility of them coming to the Philippines. It's gonna be great if it happens. Can't wait.
  6. Where is black mountain island? Korea? Anyways, nice to see another public performance. Hope they got a good reception for this one also. Ugh, I need to get the T-ara app so I can keep up with upcoming events.
  7. Love the pictures. Boram in the middle with the tallest ones on each end, cool V shape. Glad to see so much support. Must have given security a headache keeping all those fans at bay. The concert is only three hours away as I type this, ahh!, so jealous of HK Queens who get to see them live.
  8. I'm so excited for them. I've been to Hong Kong and it's a beautiful city. Kind of like an Asian San Francisco. If they arrive there early morning, I think they have time to sleep a little before waking up for their schedules. It says they need to do interviews and promos before the showcase. I hope they have time for some shopping. Hehe, the girls are gonna go crazy cause there are so many shopping areas there. Wow, thats a lot of money for 7 songs only. Other bands do a full concert for that kind of money.
  9. Yes, another live stage. I think the Inkigayo performance from last week was also live, the fanchant was super loud for that one. This one is almost comparable. Its good to see a complete round of promotions for this weekend (Thursday to Sunday). Hopefully they will do the same next weekend (Maybe they will throw in a Tuesday promo for Show Champion?). I'm hoping for a live interview on one of the shows, but I'm guessing T-ara's PR doesn't want them to be interviewed just yet... .
  10. Ok. I already downloaded episode 1 in HD. If her last appearance was episode 8, I'm gonna download all of them until that episode in HD, just because she's in them. Then I'm gonna stream the rest if its interesting.
  11. More videos? Oh geez, there goes my hard drive. Need to buy another t-arabyte.... er...terabyte
  12. Great performance ! We finally see some of the audience. I like how the fanchant lists all the girl's names in order of oldest to youngest and they also yell it in the beginning, middle, and end of the song. So cool!
  13. yeah! super loud fan chants and screaming. Lots of energy and It looks so much better live than in the music video. Its great to finally know which member sings which part. Props to Boram for taking that high part before the chorus and also to Eunjung. Haven't heard her sing that high since TTL. Areum and Qri dancing together is just jaw dropping, I'm gonna put that on repeat.
  14. Yes! this video is much better. I don't have to fast forward over the man hauling in Jiyeon into the room anymore. And I like how they focus more without cutting to another shot. By the way, does anyone else feel that the timing of the dance still does not match the music? It still looks weird. I think they need to re-time the video to make it match.
  15. What? cancelled? really? I'm kinda disappointed now. I hope its only for this week and KBS will allow them to be on the show next week. I'm just curious to see how the song will do on the Music Bank K-chart.
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