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  1. Aww, Areum didn't participate in Roly Poly. I know she has no parts in it, but at least she can try to dance, that would be great to see. I hope they include her later.
  2. wow, just, wow. I'm so shocked. The past three days have been so nerve racking. Yes, further explanation is needed because this is just so stunning.
  3. Yes!! I'm also super excited that they will be doing both "Don't Leave" and "Day by Day". With or without an orchestra, it's gonna be awesome! Sad that Jiyeon can't be there. I wonder if one of those swords injured her nose? Also, Hyomin's hair is back to normal while Qri's hair is still the same! Qri, please change it back, I'm missing the old you.
  4. Congratulations to the girls for a job well done. They really worked hard to reach this point. Its such an accomplishment to rank so high after such a short time after a release and whats scary for the competition is that more songs are coming soon.
  5. Wow. The video was worth the wait. Jiyeon is such a badass. They really made a good role for Dani, being blind kinda represents how she is new to the industry and still cant see the hardships that come with being an idol. Cant wait for part two.
  6. I'm a bit confused. So what songs will they be performing tonight on Music Bank? Is it "day by day?" I wouldn't think so cause they didn't release the full song yet. Maybe they'll be doing "lovey dovey" again?
  7. Wow. Absolutely jaw dropping. I'm so hyped. The intro of the song matches perfectly with the vid. The teaser really gives an impression of toughness and makes me feel that T-ara is going to totally dominate the k pop scene this summer, everyone else should just pack up and go home.....for crying out loud, Eunjung is carrying a sword! End of story.
  8. Knowing its a brave brothers track, they will probably say something like "they're back" in the beginning of the track and mispronounce T-ara's name.
  9. Yes Soyeon looks really cute here. I love that she brought back the hat. Anyone know what country is hosting the next world cup?
  10. Wow, qri looks like someone from Adam's family. Jiyeon looks like she's about to sing poker face. Hyomin is auditioning for Paramore. Haha, I love my girls. I know the new music video and promotions are going to rule the summer.
  11. Sad news. I hope she can get all the rest and medical attention she needs for a full recovery. Wishing her all the best. There's a good chance I will be seeing them in Tokyo during their tour and I hope she gets better by then cause the fans will truly miss her great smile and stage presence. Get well and take care Boram!
  12. I'm wondering why they chose to reveal her face first instead of the eighth member. I'm more curious to find out who the eighth member is since she is at a more acceptable age of 19 and CCM says she has a great voice and good looks. I guess Dani was reveled first to get the public to slowly accept her so by the time she debuts, the resentment from some fans would be gone. I expect more publicity for Dani coming up, especially with her part in the new music video.
  13. Yup. Her hair is fabulous. I wonder sometimes if those are extensions, well I hope not. I was watching the vid, then i turned my head to look outside, then i heard this loud voice singing over the track and i looked at the video again and it was Qri. She was leading them to the middle stage, she looked confident and awesome!
  14. Wow. I would really go to the Japan or korea concert cause its only a 3 hour flight away. But its so hard to get tickets unless you live in those countries or know someone who lives there.
  15. Wow. My jaw dropped when I saw that headline. I thought I didn't care, but now I do. I guess the positives that come out of this is that it brings the average age of the group to about 21 yrs old and brings in younger fans. It also improves the groups ability to speak English. But damn, this is just too much change to happen in a short time. Usually new members need to be added only if someone quits. But this is an entirely different situation. Well, it will take a while for me to get used to the new look, but I'm confident T-ara will continue to be one of the top Korean girl groups out there because they are talented, hard working and are hands down the cutest and most charming group of ladies in the whole Kpop scene.
  16. Really? Lovey-Dovey is flopping? How bad is it flopping? I wonder if they are having trouble selling copies.
  17. Yes. I think Eunjung is really popular because of all the acting work she has done. Her hair has remained basically the same since the beginning of 2010. Its just a little longer now, but not by much. Sometimes its has a browner shade but I like it when its black.
  18. Yes, its way better. Love the behind the scenes footage. Man, that song is growing on me.
  19. As long as the music remains catchy and top notch as always, I'm fine. So how will the room sharing in their dorm look like? Just wondering, maybe it will be like this: Room1:Eunjung,Jiyeon,Hyomin Room2:Soyeon, Boram,Qri Room3:Hwayoung, 19yrold, 14yrold.
  20. Wow, one hour the vid is there, the next hour its gone. I feel bad that I even saw it. It will be better to listen to the HQ version but from what I heard so far, the song is great. Mid tempo with acoustic guitars just like cry cry. To the person who says it has a western feel, it kinda does, western as in cowboy western. I can see a video where the girls are rescued from a gunfight in a saloon
  21. haha, Boram in the middle again and the tallest ones on each end. Giving off a V shaped look.
  22. Thanks, its nice to see a new video although it looks like they filmed it a while back. They look great, such a happy song.
  23. Same here, never heard of TTOMA. Yes, they are always donating their time and money, that's why i love them too. About Eunjung's tweets, it seems she is just happy to have a good nights sleep. I wouldn't be worried about her.
  24. Wow, more back to back concerts in one day after coming back from Japan. I guess they are used to it but I can imagine how hard it can affect them physically. I hope they get a day off today.
  25. Yes. Eunjung did the same thing during the Music Wave in Bangkok concert in April. I guess she's trying to keep things fun and exciting after performing the song over and over again.
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