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  1. Yes, they don't resist. I love how Eunjung is never embarrassed to pig out in front of the camera. She ate that spicy food without drinking anything.
  2. Jiyeon sang Boram's lines? When? Haha, i didnt notice Eunjung's leggings. Glad you pointed it out. Yes, Eunjung looked great and again she gave a full 100% to the performance. She's the best.
  3. wow, so many Eunjung wallpapers in this section. Can't wait to see it on my PS3 background on the big screen TV.
  4. I never really paid attention to Hyomin's style. I'm curios to see how she dressed Gangkiz up. Seems like she has put a lot of time and effort into Gangkiz so far, almost like a managerial role. Maybe she will tone down once Gangkiz gets on the scene.
  5. It looks like their broadcasting from a news room or something. I wish they didn't make them perform cause they had to lip synch and it looked so awkward. They didn't have enough room to dance, i laughed when Eunjung tried to turn around during the dance but the others didn't want to. She always puts in 100% effort when it comes to dancing.
  6. Just saw the dance practice video of "honey honey". The song is ok, maybe if i listen to it more then it will grow on me. I really don't feel like giving Gangkiz more of my time cause most of it is used for following T-ara But good luck to Gangkiz and their debut.
  7. Cute, Soyeon's attempt at english at the beginning, I think she said fan club
  8. looked like it was a great concert, I hope they have another one like it during the summer.
  9. They wore the same clothes from the park concert to the dream concert? I hope they didn't sweat too much. I wouldn't want to walk the red carpet feeling icky.
  10. I see Soyeon is back. Was this the same day as music core? i guess she found time to attend both events.
  11. Yes! she is smokin hot with that look. I really enjoyed this performance.
  12. Lol, Eunjung is so excited during the jenga game that she hits the backdrop behind them.
  13. I can clearly hear Eunjung and Hyomin as they were covering for Soyeon's parts. I dont think they lipsynched. By the way, does Qri have the longest hair in Kpop or what? She really let it grow.
  14. I did'nt even notice Suzy among all those flashes. I have to disagree, I kind of like Suzy. I thought she did ok in Dream High, not terrible, but ok.
  15. Great Ballad! Love that accordion melody. Soyeon is gorgeous as always. Looking forward to the Music Core and Inkigayo performances.
  16. I just want to get a better chance of reserving concert seats. But the requirement look a bit confusing.
  17. Are Gangkiz all younger than t-ara? Good luck to them. I think they will need a lot of support.
  18. I agree. Gangkiz is a ridiculous name. Eunjung's voice is awesome. So full of energy. Perfect for narration.
  19. Looking forward to this one also. Music Bank is my favorite cause the artists always seem to have the most energy on that show. Best of luck to Soyeon!
  20. Eunjung! My number one! I wonder if they're back in Seoul for the dream concert.
  21. haha, everytime i watch their performances, I always pause it and count if there are seven of them Also, whoever keeps blowing that whistle during the whole video should have used a kazoo
  22. When the guy tells Eunjung to get into the van, it reminded me of Coffee House with her secretary character always having to listen to Jin Soo.
  23. Cash only? I guess that means we cant get tickets over the internet. Hmm, what to do?
  24. Nice, I bet they are really going to enjoy those gifts!
  25. I'm new to T ara since i first saw the music video for "we were in love". Hwayoung had a really fierce rap there. Then I saw cry cry ballad version which showcased the vocal talents of Soyeon, Jiyeon, Hyomin, and Eunjung. Then I saw Roly Poly which has Qri and Boram pretty much owning the intro, first, and second verse. So in a way, I pretty much saw how each member can shine. I think they are perfect just the way they are right now. Adding two new members who can sing is basically good for ballad songs only, which i think is a waste, although i will remain open minded.
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